Got CrimeRussia app for your iOS or Android? 

Got CrimeRussia app for your iOS or Android?
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The CrimeRussia is actively exploring the mobile media space. Our app for iOS and Android is promptly gaining its positions in App Store and Google Play rankings.

The new CrimeRussia app helps our readers to get relevant information about the fight against organized crime, investigations on high-profile criminal cases and corruption scandals in Russia in real time.

Download the app on your smartphone or a tablet and stay tuned to the news: How many billions were seized from Colonel Zakharchenko? Why did Ulyukaev demand a bribe from Rosneft? What did Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov buy $55-million aircraft for? How did Igor Sechin happen to own $150-million yacht?

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We are constantly working to improve the CrimeRussia app for iOS and Android. Our app users will soon be able to get the updates for more comfortable reading of the latest news and materials on the criminal issue. 

To remind: the CrimeRussia app version 1.1 can be downloaded free in the main online stores.

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Мобильное приложение



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