Golunov urged to refuse to participate in march in his support

Golunov urged to refuse to participate in march in his support
Ivan Golunov

The journalist was released from house arrest.

The electronic bracelet was removed from Medusa’s special correspondent Ivan Golunov and the journalist was released. Through the media representatives who met him outside the MIA’s Main Directorate for Moscow, Golunov urged to abandon the idea of ​​marching in his support on June 12.

“I do not know much about the march. I learned about it now. As far as I understand, this is some kind of uncoordinated action. It seems to me that it is better to devote time to friends and relatives or to any specific assistance than to go on a march,” Golunov said.

The journalist assured that he would continue to investigate, even though he was struck by the detention. “I read a lot of stories about drug addiction, the Article 228, and so on. I didn’t even think that it could happen to me,” Golunov said.

The State Duma has prepared a bill to mitigate the punishment for drug possession without the purpose of sale. The Public Chamber of Moscow intends to devote its next meeting to the problem of criminal cases under Article 228, since innocent people often end up behind bars. The head of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, Alexey Kudrin, called for the reform of the criminal article.



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