Golden Zolotova: Daughter of Rosgvardiya head chilling out in London 

Golden Zolotova: Daughter of Rosgvardiya head chilling out in London
Daria Zolotova (Lastname Zolotova means ‘golden’ in English)

Daughter of the Rosgvardiya Head is studying at the elite British university.

Details of lifestyle of young daughter of Viktor Zolotov have appered in the Internet. Tatler magazine mentioned Daria Zolotova, 21, in its list of eligible brides. Opentown publication told about life of the young daughter of the officer.

Daria Zolotova graduated from the prestigious school number 1261 in Moscow center, located near the Baltschug hotel. She became a model when studying at the school.

Despite the fact that her father heads the Russian power structure, Daria Zolotova preferred to get higher education in Europe. Now she is studying at the University of Westminster, from where she publishes photos of her luxury living.

The media have repeatedly published information on financial status of Zolotov’s family, who is the Head of the new power structure Rosgvardiya. Earlier it was reported that the eldest daughter of the high-ranking officer Janna owns a 500-sq.m. apartment in the western district of Moscow.

Zolotov’s eldest daughter is married to producer Yuri Chechihin. His son Roman is the Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Physical Culture and Sports. Together with Chechihin, Zolotov Jr. produced the TV series called ‘Movers and shakers’ and its second episode, which were shown by the First Channel.

In April 2016, RBC found undeclared property of Viktor Zolotov in the Odintsovo district, the Moscow region, the approximate cost of which reached 532.5 million rubles, as well as property of his son-in-law Chechihin estimated at around 523-952.4 million rubles.

Viktor Zolotov became the Head of the National Guard of the Russian Federation in 2016. Previously, he held posts of the First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Chief of the Presidential Security Service.

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