Gleb Samoylov appealed against Head of RAS Fedotov for fraud with royalties 

Gleb Samoylov appealed against Head of RAS Fedotov for fraud with royalties
Press Conference of rock musician Gleb Samoilov in NSN

Gleb Samoylov's press conference was held the other day in the Natsionalnaya Sluzhba Novostey (National News Service), during which the leader of The MATRIXX and author of Agata Kristi's biggest hits told the media about the Russian Authors Society cheating musicians and underpaying loyalties.

According to the rock musician, he filed a complaint against former Head of Russian Authors Society (RAS) Fedotov, accusing him of cheating, after it became known that the latter made a deal with the investigation. 

"Grounds for the criminal case was the fact that RAS, which is a compulsory mediator for all artists, has not been paying a dime to countless musicians. All musicians keep their mouth shut, and I understand there is little hope for a change, but I want to set a precedent. If we remain silent, nothing will change. In this country, everyone gave up on authors' rights a long time ago, thus encouraging what is happening," Gleb Samoylov noted.

As the artist's lawyer Alisa Obraztsova, who also participated in the press conference, explained, the aim of appeal to the investigating authorities with a statement against former Head of RAS Sergey Fedotov is to set a precedent in the community to defend the authors' right in general. The Russian Authors Society has been underpaying musicians considerable amount. In particular, according to the bank statements, in 2014, the RAS paid Samoylov 10 times less than in 2013. Meanwhile, the number of radio and television stations, which use Gleb Samoylov's songs, as well as their audience does not change from year to year, respectively, the amounts of money should be about the same.

According to preliminary calculations, the RAS has underpaid the artist several million rubles in royalties. The investigators have been provided with all the figures starting from 2013. Alisa Obraztsova also noted that the size of royalties differed greatly from year to year. "We could not understand why the payment amounts vary. Agata Kristi's audience has remained the same, the same radio stations play the songs; we fail to understand how the payouts are formed. What criminal logic is there behind the RAS actions?" Obraztsova emphasized.

Alisa Obraztsova also added that her trustee filed a complaint to the Investigation Committee in late November after it became known that Fedotov made a deal with the investigation. "The ICR told us that the case had been referred from the MIA, and that Fedotov had allegedly made a deal with the investigation, and was testifying. So we decided that if Fedotov was talking in such a positive way with the law enforcers, it was quite possible that he was trying to resolve the issue of his criminal prosecution, which made us a great third wheel in the dialogue," the lawyer noted.

Gleb Samoylov stressed that he had decided to make the Russian Authors Society's machinations public to the decision to draw attention to the existing problem of other Russian authors.

Let us recall that former Head of the Russian Authors Society Sergey Fedotov was detained on June 28 on suspicion of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code). He would withdraw the RAS's property though a shell company. According to investigation, the amount of damage exceeds 500 million rubles. Fedotov's lawyer claims that the damage caused by his client is much less, namely 297 million rubles.

Sergey Fedotov is currently under arrest; investigation into the case continues.



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