Glatskikh syndrome found in Karelia

Glatskikh syndrome found in Karelia
Artur Parfenchikov

To the request of a mother to reopen the closed kindergarten, the head of the republic advised her to stay at home with the child for three years.

In the Republic of Karelia, the story of Olga Glatskikh continued: the head of the region, Artur Parfenchikov, to the request of Anna Vlasova to return the kindergarten to the village of Suoeki, the Suoyarvsky District, advised to hire a nanny or sit on maternity leave for three years, and then carry the child 25 kilometers to Suoyarvi. The official’s correspondence was received by the editorial staff of the regional publication 7x7.

“Would you send your three-year-old grandchildren 25 km away? I would’ve sit home with the child for three years, but, pardon me, one does not survive for 57 rubles! One should never contact you at all! Useless!” Vlasova wrote to Parfenchikov.

“Let his father, grandfathers think about your child,” the answer came.

The kindergarten and school in Suoeki was closed in August 2018 as part of an education optimization program. Vlasova asked the head of the region to reopen the institutions, but was refused. “Sit (on maternity leave) until he is three years old, talk to your grandmothers, hire a nanny. Do as everyone is doing. Once the child is three years of age, take him to Suoyarvi,” Parfenchikov wrote.

The authorities suggested the residents of Suoeki to take their children to the Suoyarvi District Center, move to the neighboring village of Lakhkolampi, which has a school, or “open a kindergarten as the individual entrepreneurs,” since it is impossible to maintain a nursery for one child.

“We cannot build a kindergarten in the village or open a day nursery for one or two children, as requested by the parents who refused to take their children to the neighboring communities,” Parfenchikov wrote on his social network page.

According to Vlasova, at least eight minors could go to the nursery.

In October, the residents of Suoeki sent a collective request to the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to check the legality of the kindergarten’s closure. The Prosecutor General's Office forwarded the letter to the district level.



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