Glatskikh promises to speak bitter truth

Glatskikh promises to speak bitter truth
Olga Glatskikh

The former head of the Sverdlovsk Youth Policy Department started an Instagram blog.

An ex-official from Ekaterinburg, Olga Glatskikh, who became famous for saying “the state owes you nothing”, started her own projects and promised to speak only the truth. In addition, Glatskikh apologized to all those who were offended by her scandalous words.

“My character was formed in the fight for the championship medals. I will always tell the truth – even if it is bitter. Here you can read this truth,” Glatskikh wrote on the Instagram blog she had recently created.

The former official told a journalist from that she was preparing for competitions in Nizhny Tagil, which will be held on February 15, and that she works privately.



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