Girls about athlete killed in Moscow: Ivanov incited knife fight 

Girls about athlete killed in Moscow: Ivanov incited knife fight
Nikolay Ivanov

The girls, for whom 23-year-old athlete Nikolay Ivanov stood, share their view of what happened.

The young girls, who witnessed the incident, know the man who stabbed the athlete to death. They said it was not their Chechen acquaintance who incited the conflict but Ivanov’s drunk company.

One of the girls asked her acquaintance to accompany her and her lady friend since it was late when they were on their way home. They met several drunk young men; Ivanov was among them. Someone wanted to shake hands with the women’s companion but he refused, saying he does not shake hands with strangers; they began arguing and soon the knife fight broke out.

It is worth mentioning that Ivanov’s drunk companions first ran away leaving their wounded friend behind but later returned to call an ambulance.

CCTV footage supports the girls’ version. The video shows them casually chatting with their acquaintance who has been charged with murder.

To recall, the CrimeRussia initially reported the athlete had been killed when standing up for women harassed by a drunk Chechen troublemaker. It is worth noting that this was what Ivanov’s personal trainer Tatyana Frolova said.

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