Girlfriend of Kerch shooter: classmates mocked him, he wanted to get revenge

Girlfriend of Kerch shooter: classmates mocked him, he wanted to get revenge
Vladislav Roslyakov Photo: MK

The girl said that Vladislav Roslyakov wanted to cook offenders’ goose.

The tragedy with shooting and the explosion at the Kerch Polytechnic College hit like a ton of bricks. While investigators are trying to figure out what made fourth-year student Vladislav Roslyakov commit this terrible crime, his friend told reporters that the young man was mocked by his classmates.

Roslyakov's girlfriend, whose name was not disclosed, said in an interview with RT journalists that the young man had to deal with humiliation from students who had studied with him in college.

“Vladislav told me that he quarreled with others. He said that he lost credibility,” the girl said, adding that the reason for the bullying was that Vladislav was “not like all the others.”

She did not clarify what does it mean.

“He said that he did not want to live because of humiliation. He also stated that he wanted to get revenge,” Roslyakov’s friend added.

The girl said that they did not communicate for some time. She did not name the reason for the termination of friendship but noted that right after the break-up, Roslyakov banned in social networks.

Nevertheless, she called the guy a good friend, able to help and support.

“I am very sorry for the people Vladislav shot and very sorry that he committed suicide. He was an excellent friend... When Vlad and I talked, everything was fine. He was kind and helpful, helped me when I felt bad," she confessed.

21 people fell victim of Roslyakov’s shooting in the Kerch Polytechnic College.

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