Girl knocked down by judge faces threatens

Girl knocked down by judge faces threatens
Arsen Krikorov

The culprit of the accident tried to escape from the scene and frightened the eyewitnesses who detained him.

The girl knocked down at a pedestrian crossing by the car of judge of the Krasnodar Garrison Military Court Arsen Krikorov, was threatened on social networks, and the Military Prosecutor’s Office refused to accept the statement until the victim’s mother announced her intention to bring the case to Moscow. Moscow Says reports with reference to the girl's mother, Marina Zvereva.

“Daughter faces threats on the page. Some girl writes “I will make a second Shurygina out of you,” “be afraid to walk now,” said Zvereva.

According to the woman, her daughter suffered a knee injury in an accident, which could affect her future. The girl is engaged in taekwondo and stands for the team of Krasnodar region.

The accident occurred on December 22, but Krikorov contacted the family of the victim just now, after numerous publications about the incident in the media and blogs, Zvereva said. Zvereva wrote a statement to the police, the Prosecutor's Office and the board of judges.

Judge Krikorov was trying to escape from the accident scene, says a car accident witness Maxim Konstantinov. According to him, first Krikorov jumped out of the car and began to drag the girl, trying to pick her up and shouting that he would not let her deceive him and dissolve him for money. When the judge realized that the accident was real, he tried to leave, but the eyewitness drivers quickly caught up him, blocked the car and called the police.

“One patrol arrived, then the second. The policemen sat, and he jumped into the car and drove away,” says Konstantinov, who filmed everything on video.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that the Krasnodar Garrison Military Court would conduct an official check against Judge Arsen Krikorov.



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