Girl from Ufa suddenly dies in Greek hotel

Girl from Ufa suddenly dies in Greek hotel
Almira Zakharova

The doctors said she died of a stroke.

The body of a Ufa native, Almira Zakharova, was found at the Hellinis Hotel in Athens. Allegedly, the girl died back on June 25. The cause of her death has not yet been established; she last logged in to VKontakte on June 24. According to her friend, Svetlana Yagodkina, Almira went on vacation not as part of a group, but on her own, so there may be problems with transporting the body to her homeland due to an unclear insurance situation.

“We received this information 3 days later. We don’t know why the police in Greece did not immediately get in touch with the consulate, why did they not get in touch with her parents or relatives? There are so many questions unanswered... We have found her mom and called all of her friends. Finally, today we managed to get in touch with a diplomat, a representative in Athens. They found out the location of her documents and her body. The question is how do we get our girl back home? How do we give her mother the opportunity to say goodbye to her child? As for insurance, there is no exact information as to whether she had it, because she went to Greece not as part of a tourist group. We hope that there is some form of insurance and it will cover or reduce transportation costs,” Svetlana wrote on her page.

According to the close friend of the late girl, the autopsy was held on July 1. The doctors said she died of a stroke.



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