German software developer hires FSB general

German software developer hires FSB general

Vladimir Skorik has become an adviser to SAP CIS head.

RBC reported that Lieutenant General Vladimir Skorik, the former head of the FSB Information Security Center, has become an adviser to the CEO of SAP CIS, the company developing and implementing corporate software.

Two top managers of large Russian companies confirmed the information; however, it is not clear as to how long the ex-officer has been working with the software vendor. Skorik left the FSB in 2009, having been the head of Information Security Center. The source added that the Lieutenant General must have been working with SAP since last year, as the source believes it was Skorik who represented the company at June 2017 International IT Forum with the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. There was indeed a certain Vladimir Vladlenovich Skorik on the forum list.

SAP spokesperson Tatyana Zvereva refused to comment on this matter.

Anton Sushkevich, NVision Group founder and Skorik’s friend named some likely reasons for the appointment.

"Appointing Skorik could help SAP stay afloat with state companies, and at least keep the clients they already have, if not attract new ones. Besides, to deliver their product to the power unit, they must have FSB licenses, certificates of the FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) and the Defense Ministry, which Skorik could help to obtain," Sushkevich said.

SAP is the largest corporate software producer and ranks 15th on the world’s list of the leading technology companies. According to preliminary results, SAP's revenue amounted to 23.4 billion euros in 2017, with the operating profit of 4.8 billion euros.



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