German Gorbuntsov sent message to Renato Usatii from London  

German Gorbuntsov sent message to Renato Usatii from London
German Gorbuntsov

The Russian banker German Gorbuntsov, who survived attempted assassination on him in London (Moldovan killer Vitalie Proca shoot him 6 times), sent a message to the Mayor of Balti Renato Usatii.

In his interview to blogger Vyacheslav Balakchi, German Gorbuntsov said that Usatii tried to pay 600,000 dollars to Vitalie Proci’s family through an intermediary.

"During our conversation, Gorbuntsov was very open. He shared new details of British authorities investigation, revealed facts about the criminal world in Russia and Moldova, and (NB!) made the information BOMB public, which showed the truth about the new fake political idol of Moldovans," the blogger wrote.

To remind: in 2014, Gorbuntsov claimed on a TV channel that killer Vitalie Proca acted at the order of Renato Usatii.

Earlier, German Gorbuntsov accused Usatii of raider attacks on Universalbank, which belonged to the banker. During a press conference, Usatii said that it was not a raider attack, but fair and legitimate deal. He also noted, that the court's decision on purchase of 0.1% of Universalbank’s share set market value of its shares. This allowed the offshore company Mep Limited, whose interests were represented by Renato Usatii in the Republic of Moldova, to purchase about 78% of the bank’s shares at 350 leu per one share (instead of 1000 leu, as it had been before the court decision).

Schemes involving members of judicial authorities are common in Moldova. In particular, the case of legal executive Svetlana Mocan, who was engaged in laundering of 396 billion Russian rubles. 

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