Gennady Lopatin's Vendetta

Gennady Lopatin's Vendetta
Most interested in our "demise" have high office in Russia

A certain Deputy Prosecutor General’s prescription for a happy life is to close all honest media, lock up opponents and forget about them.⁠

The CrimeRussia learned by experience that in the Russian Federation it is possible to destroy a source that repeatedly discloses sensitive details of your successful career by means of Abuse of Official Powers and with the help of connections. On the night of July 12, 2016, after a massive DDOS attack on the CrimeRussia, which focuses on corrupt officials, it was blocked from the Internet through a judgment of Moscow's Simonovsky District Court, fraudulently procured by Roskomnadzor. This was a knife in the back of a strong opponent or a well-planned «combat operation». Our colleagues in the Russian media did not let this go unremarked, for what we are grateful. At the moment, the CrimeRussia’s lawyers are fighting against the illegal actions of Roskomnadzor.

Actually, what happened to the CrimeRussia is a precedent and an alarm for all Russian media covering illegal official activities. Guys, they say, this freedom of speech gets under the skin! But the judgment against the CrimeRussia was obtained in such gross violations - Roskomnadzor did not notify the website owner about the lawsuit, and did not warn the editors about the proposed blocking. The CrimeRussia was not given the chance to defend itself in an open hearing before an impartial tribunal. Our lawyers intend to appeal the decision. 

Earlier we wrote that we had finally received a copy of the court's decision and found that Abdul Dzhamalkhanov, a Roskomnadzor investigator in the Main Investigation Directorate of Moscow’s Investigative Committee, claimed a "violation of personal data". He had been frequently mentioned in criminal stories. We were anxious about the fact, that after a year, a suspiciously long period of suffering in silence, he suddenly started to worry about his personal data’s disclosure. While Roskomnadzor, received the petition, immediately registered it, but went to the court only year later. The CrimeRussia’s editors believe the real motive is to eliminate our resource. We had received information that the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation wanted to eliminate the CrimeRussia because he felt its reports affected him. Thanks to this information, we managed to take some measures to make our media safe from the officials’ outrage and it somehow helped us - we still work.

Most interested in our "demise" are persons occupying positions in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia. In particular, it is the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Gennady Lopatin, who despises the Russian press generally for exposing his wife, becoming a billionaire a year after her divorce. It should be recalled that the primary source of the Lopatin family's business was the Head of Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny. It was disclosed in its film "Chaika."It's not a secret that the charismatic politician with his investigations drove many Russian officials bonkers. According to the CrimeRussia sources, Gennady Lopatin lost sleep because of Navalny and the press that supports his views, so Lopatin became a leader of a campaign against the opposition. Not so long ago, the Head of FBK reported that the Prosecutor General's Office is looking into his interests in a number of companies in which he has always been a minority shareholder. Among them are Aeroflot, Rosneft, VTB BANK, Transneft, Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and all structures, previously included in the Russian energy and electric power Open Joint Stock Company RAO UES of Russia. Navalny has suggested criminal proceedings are being initiated against him, and he was right. The Prosecutor General’s Office has established a whole task force to find dirt on Navalny, and Lopatin supervises it. 

The prescription for a happy life of Deputy Prosecutor General Lopatin is to close all annoying media organizations, lock up his opponents and forget where.

We are well aware that the true initiator and cause of our illegal blocking is Gennady Lopatin. Using his connections in the courts and in Roskomnadzor, the Deputy Prosecutor General implemented a plan to block the CrimeRussia. Our lawyers, defending the legitimate rights of Russian citizens in the CrimeRussia case, are ready for courtroom battles.

We hope that nothing in Russia can be bought and nothing can be sold. 



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