Gelandewagen street racer detained for another traffic violation  

Gelandewagen street racer detained for another traffic violation
Avduvahob Madzhidov

Acquitted in the loud case Avduvahob Madzhidov was driving along Novy Arbat’s separating strip. In addition, the driver had been deprived of his driving license in July.

Avduvahob Madzhidov, who had been acquitted in the loud case of Gelandewagen chase, was detained again, for violating a few traffic rules.

The night before, on Novy Arbat Street traffic policemen pulled over an Opel driver who was moving along the separating strip. Avduvahob Madzhidov turned out to be the driver and a young woman was in the front passenger seat, both not wearing their seatbelts.

Madzhidov showed a driver's license that actually belonged to a different person. He had no other documents on him. At the police station where the driver was brought it was established that the young man had been deprived of his driving license for 4 months on July 14, 2016.

Administrative reports were made against Madzhidov under Art. 12.6 of the Administrative Code (Violating the Rules on Using Safety Belts), Art. 12.7 of the Administrative Code (Driving a Transport Vehicle by a Driver Who Has No Right to Drive the Transport Vehicle), Art. 12.15 of the Administrative Code (Violating the Rules for Locating a Transport Vehicle on the Road, for Passing Each Other When Driving in Opposite Directions, or for Overtaking).

Another administrative report was made against the 18-year-old female passenger under part 1 of Art. 12.29 of the Administrative Code (Violation by a pedestrian or by a passenger of a transport vehicle of the Traffic Regulations).


In May, Madzhidov and his friends including son of the Lukoil’s Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov, were hiding from the police for five hours. Madzhidov was driving Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen that belonged to Shamsuarov. They were broadcasting the chase on Periscope while insulting the policemen.

On October 17, Moscow Gagarinsky Court returned a guilty verdict to young men who had tried to get away from the traffic officers driving a SUV and insulted the policeman (Art. 319 of the Criminal Code). However, the court acquitted Madzhidov while sentenced Shamsuarov and his friend Viktor Uskov to 300 hours of compulsory labor. In addition, the court ruled the Gelandewagen should be seized.

However, the prosecution intends to appeal the court's decision and will require a stricter conviction.



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