Gelandewagen silver-spooners under 24/7 surveillance on Moscow roads

Gelandewagen silver-spooners under 24/7 surveillance on Moscow roads

State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate has files on the young men involved in the notorious case of Gelandewagen chase. Inspectors monitor any traffic violation they may commit.

The police would not leave the golden kids alone after the court found them guilty of Insulting a Representative of Power (Art. 319 of the Criminal Code). The traffic police made files on all the involved. The situation room monitor any violation committed by Mara Bagdasaryan, Abduvahob Madjidov and son of the Lukoil Vice President Ruslan Shamsuarov around the clock through Potok system.

“Whenever they violate the traffic rules with their cars visible to the surveillance cameras, the nearest police crew goes there right away”, a law enforcement source told Life.

The sources said the Moscow’s traffic police started the surveillance after the defendants accused the officers of bribery. According to previous reports, two weeks after the verdict was read, Abduvahob Madjidov was arrested on Novy Arbat driving an Opel along the separating strip. Last weekend, on November 6, the police detained Mara Bagdasaryan for parking on Leninsky Prospekt sidewalk. Madjidov was sentenced to 15 days in jail for violating traffic rules and no-license driving, while Bagdasaryan was given a 10-day arrest.

To remind: Mara Bagdasaryan is one of the involved in the Gelandewagen chase. However, the young woman was only a witness in the high-profile criminal case, while her friends Viktor Shamsuarov and Ruslan Uskov, who were also inside the car, have been found guilty under Article 319 (Insult of a Representative of Power) and sentenced to 300 hours of community service. Abduvahob Madjidov, who was the third one involved, has been acquitted by the court. Shamsuarov’s Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen has been confiscated in profit of the state.

The Prosecutor intends to charge the golden youth under Article 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power) and demand the youngsters should get real prison sentences.



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