Gelandewagen silver-spooners get a sentence  

Gelandewagen silver-spooners get a sentence
Ruslan Shamsuarov and his lawyers Photo: Moskva Agency

The court found the Gelandewagen racers guilty of insulting the authorities.

On October 17, the Moscow Gagarinsky court read the verdict in the case against the golden youth involved in the Gelandewagen chase, including Lukoil Vice-President’s son Ruslan Shamsuarov, according to the  RIA Novosti. The silver-spooners were found guilty of insulting the authorities, however, acquitted of the charges regarding their threats against them. Judge Olga Zeldina sentenced Ruslan Shamsuarov and Viktor Uskov to 300 hours of community service, acquitting the third defendant Abduvahob Madzhitov. In addition, the court withdrew Shamsuarov’s Gelandewagen in profit of state.

Prosecutors have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the verdict and are making an appeal.

Earlier, the Prosecutor said the guilt of all the involved was fully proved and demanded real terms for the golden kids. The Prosecutor requested 2 years and 1 month of penal colony for Shamsuarov and Madzhitov and 2 years and 7 months for Uskov, as he already had a conviction for stealing a cable.

On May 22, Lukoil Vice-President’s son Ruslan Shamsuarov and his friends Abduvahob Madzhitov, Viktor Uskov, Mara Bagdasaryan and Magomed Teterashvili were driving a Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen on Leninsky Prospekt grossly violating traffic rules. The silver-spooners refused to comply with police orders to stop and attempted to escape from persecution. The whole chase was broadcast on Periscope, giving the case a wide publicity. The young men were fined for 5 thousand rubles and released.

Later, the Head of the Moscow police Anatoliy Yakunin spoke of the situation highlighting his dissatisfaction with the actions by the MIA officials and said the perpetrators should have been arrested for at least 15 days. Soon, all the involved except for Ruslan Shamsuarov were detained. The Lukoil Vice-President’s son was allegedly undergoing treatment at an elite Moscow clinic, where law enforcement officials arrived to detain him. His father Azat Shamsuarov personally came for negotiations. Eventually, Russian Guard officers arrested Shamsuarov Jr. saying otherwise they would have to take over the clinic.

All the defendants were accused of Insult of a Representative of Power  (Art. 319 of the Criminal Code) and Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power  (Art. 318 of the Criminal Code) to a government representative. The arrested did not plead guilty and claimed the conflict was provoked by the traffic police officers. The young men said the chase began after one of the officers threw his baton at their car, which scared all the Gelandewagen passengers.

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