Gelandewagen races participant released prematurely

Gelandewagen races participant released prematurely

22-year-old Abduvakhob Madjidov arrested by court on November 1 for driving without a license has been released.

According to Life, he was arrested for 15 days and served only 10, since the court agreed to release the young man earlier in response to the lawyer's appeal.

It is reported that the court had reviewed two episodes – the ones which had taken place on Novy Arbat and Znamenka Street. According to Madjidov's lawyer, the court consolidated two terms under similar offenses and accounted for the fact they were delivered one after the other, and the first one has not yet taken effect.

Madjidov is one of the three defendants fully justified in the case of Gelandewagen races. His companions, Ruslan Shamsuarov and Viktor Uskov, have been sentenced to three hundred hours of community service. However, soon after the trial, Madjidov was arrested for driving without a license on Novy Arbat, riding along the special vehicles lane without a safety belt. When asked to provide driver's license, he showed his brother's license.



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