Gelandewagen case defendant violates travel restrictions

Gelandewagen case defendant violates travel restrictions
Viktor Uskov

At trial, Viktor Uskov did not deny that he had moved, justifying it by the fact that his Moscow apartment was being redecorated.

Viktor Uskov, involved in the Gelandewagen case (the car belongs to the son of the Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov) has violated his undertaking not to leave the place, having moved to Dmitrov.

The Moscow Gagarinsky court condemned the accused soon after they tried to get away from the law enforcement officers on May 22.

Uskov rationalized his move by the fact that his Moscow apartment was being redecorated. "I do not have an official permission, but the inspector (Federal Penitentiary Service) said he did not mind," Uskov explained in court.

On May 22, the young men were driving a Gelandewagen on Leninsky Prospekt towards Moscow, grossly violating traffic rules.

When traffic police officers were trying to stop the men, the accused decided to get away from them provoking a chase accompanied by dangerous maneuvers and thus creating a real threat to life and health of officers.

Besides, accused were video recording the whole thing broadcasting the chase on Periscope, adding offensive comments regarding the police officers.

For their misconduct, Viktor Uskov, Ruslan Shamsuarov and Abduvahob Majidov were charged under part 1 of Art. 318 (Threats to Use Violence against a representative of power, in connection with the discharge by his official duties), Art. 319 (Public Insult of a representative of power during the discharge by him of his official duties) and part 2 of Article 35 (Crime committed by a group of persons by previous concept) of the Criminal Code.

Meanwhile, defendant Madjidov said at the hearing on October 4 that the pursuit had been provoked by policemen themselves, whose behavior was downright aggressive; one of the officers threw his baton at the car. Later Ruslan Shamsuarov joined the young men, confirming accusations. 



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