Gefest Bank owner and ICR investigator accuse each other of beating

Gefest Bank owner and ICR investigator accuse each other of beating
Vyacheslav Ananskikh

A criminal case of the use of violence against a representative of authority has been initiated against Vyacheslav Ananskikh.

In St. Petersburg, a criminal case of an attack on a crime scene investigation team employee has been initiated. As reported on the regional ICR’s website, during a search in the apartment of Gefest Bank beneficiary Vyacheslav Ananskikh, he was insulting the operatives throughout the entire investigative action and threatened that they would be fired. In the end, according to the message, motivated by hooliganism and for the purpose of hindering legitimate activities, he “caused one of the investigators a closed craniocerebral injury and a concussion of the brain.”

A criminal case of the use of violence against a representative of authority and insult of a representative of authority has been initiated against Ananskikh (part 2 of Art. 318 and Art. 319 of the Russian Criminal Code).

It is notable that the search took place back on November 9, 2017. To enter the banker’s apartment, the operatives had to mobilize the National Guard special unit, the soldiers of which cut down the front door. The following day, Ananskikh said he had been beaten during the search, ending up in the Mariinskaya hospital. As he told Fontanka, the search was held from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.; in the course of it, he was thrown to the ground and hit. He did not specify under what circumstances this happened. According to Ananskikh, he offered no resistance, as it would be crazy to wind one’s fists up in the presence of special police unit. After the operation was over, he went to the emergency room, where multiple hematomas were recorded; the emergency room then referred him to the hospital. Ananskikh also added that he had not been detained over a criminal case and had no procedural status.

Another fascinating fact is that during the search, as Fontanka reports, there was Vyacheslav Ananskikh’s brother in the apartment – Igor, State Duma deputy from the Fair Russia party. Prior to his election as a deputy, he was chairman of Gefest Bank Board of Directors.

It is noteworthy that the search in Ananskikh’s apartment was held as part of an investigation into the criminal case of illegal banking activities (item (b) part 2 of Art. 172 of the Russian Criminal Code). A few days ago, Acting Head of Gefest branch in St. Petersburg Elena Galichina was detained. The woman was placed under house arrest.

In addition, the defendants of the criminal case include Eduard Zabolonkov, Vladimir Smolkin, and Denis Soldatov.

According to the investigation, in the period from 2013 to 2016, the defendants were withdrawing funds on fake compensation civil-law contracts using front companies, thus earning over 11 million rubles ($183 thousand). At the same time, the mediators who participated in the scheme would receive a compensation of not less than 6.5% of the funds withdrawn.

It is known that Ananskikh is in charge of Gefest, although he is better known in the city as the owner of Ruan company, which had been one of the largest outdoor advertising operators until recently.



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