Gay hunters killed Moscow assistant prosecutor  

Gay hunters killed Moscow assistant prosecutor
Maxim Lunegov and Andrey Glukhikh Photo: Social media

Investigators have solved the murder of Dmitry Nekrasov.

Moscow investigators have solved the case of the murder of assistant to Butyrsky inter-district prosecutor Dmitry Nekrasov, whose body was found with signs of choking in his apartment May 11, telegram channel 112 informs.

The investigation established that Perm-born Maxim Lunegov and Andrey Glukhikh were involved in the murder of Nekrasov, they purposefully attacked Nekrasov since he was a homosexual. The killers joined dating app for gay men Hornet, where they met the assistant prosecutor. They agreed to meet with him on May 8. Having come to his home the same day, they beat up the young man and strangled him.

After the murder, Lunegov and Glukhik stole two Iqos tobacco heating systems, a laptop, a bottle of Henesse cognac, a bottle of vodka, a coat, three jackets, a bag, a mug and 100 rubles ($1.5) from the assistant prosecutor's apartment. According to, 100 thousand rubles ($1.5 thousand) were stolen.

Earlier, a criminal case on murder was initiated (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The original certificate stated that Nekrasov’s death could have occurred “due to a breath during sexual games.”

Glukhikh was arrested by Presnensky court of Moscow, his accomplice is wanted.

It was reported that the dead man repeatedly organized orgies at his home calling male gay prostitutes, at the same time they used drugs. According to Vadim Mishukov, who found Nekrasov’s body on May 11, the assistant prosecutor often felt unwell and asked to see him if he did not answer calls.



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