Gatecrasher stabs Moscow metro worker 

Gatecrasher stabs Moscow metro worker

The man, who was stabbed in the chest, has been hospitalized in the Sklifosovsky Research Institute.

A video showing the gatecrasher running from metro workers and the police, who stabbed one of the pursuers in the chest, has appeared online. Moscow police is looking for the criminal, who escaped the chase in the Kuzminki metro station. The victim, a 63-year-old check man, has been hospitalized in the Sklifosovsky Research Institute.   This is reported by Moskva agency.

At about 12:40 pm, a man in a blue jacket passed through the turnstiles without paying in the lobby of the Tekstilshchiki metro station. Check men tried to detain him, but the violator pushed them away and raced into the car. They caught up with him in the car, but he fought them off with a knife and ran out the Kuzminki metro station hall.

Video: Attack on Moscow metro workers



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