Garbage from Kuchino landfill ‘laundered' in Balashikha gang offshore

Garbage from Kuchino landfill ‘laundered' in Balashikha gang offshore
Landfill of solid waste Kuchino

The story with the Balashikha landfill Kuchino, about which local residents complained to President Putin during the phone-in, discloses new details.⁠

According to official data, the landfill site, which appeared in the 1960s, is now operated by Zagotovitel.

This company belongs mainly to the offshore company Karstat Universal Ltd. (96.77%), registered in Seychelles. The remaining share is distributed among three offshore companies from Seychelles - Bitang Limited, Wendler Limited, Emmert Limited and two individuals Sergey Levashov and Dmitry Kuzovkin. In different years, Zagotovitel changed the structure and owners. And now, according to the media, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, Alexander Solomatin is behind all offshore companies. By the way, he was companys’ co-owner for a time. And in 2011-12 Kuzovkin pleaded for his share in Zagotovitel, and Solomatin was listed as a third person in the arbitration dispute.

Alexander Solomatin is directly associated with Balashikha OCG. His brother Gregory was charged with attempting to assassinate kingpin Manyukha in the 90's, and then killing another leader of the criminal environment named Frol. Later he himself was killed. Alexander Solomatin has not lost ties with the criminals and is considered the holder of the common fund. And the authority Valery Smirnov, nicknamed Yasny, controls the garbage polygon.

The Mayor of Balashikha, who retired against the background of the scandal, was patronized by the garbage brotherhood, personally Evgeny Zhirkov. He did things in a big way, as the CrimeRussia repeatedly wrote, through local authority Anatoly Petrov, whom everyone knows as Petrukha.

As reported by the media, the Kuchino test site only officially accepted up to 600 thousand tons of waste from all over Moscow. According to experts, the disposal of each ton is 1 thousand rubles ($17). It turns out that the legal turnover at the landfill reached 60 billion rubles ($1m) a year. And in 90s it was used as a place for burial of corpses killed by Balashikha OCG.

It should be noted that against the backdrop of the scandal surrounding the closure of the landfill, investigators are checking and establishing the true owners of the business and those who supervised and possibly "protected" the dump in law enforcement agencies.



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