Gangland businessman Badri Shengelia buried in St. Petersburg 

Gangland businessman Badri Shengelia buried in St. Petersburg
Badri Shengelia’s grave in St. Petersburg

About 150 people came to say goodbye to the well-known St. Petersburg perpetrator of illegal seizures and ‘professional witness,’ who was shot by killers on September 17.

Businessman Badri Shengelia, who had been killed in the Vsevolzhsky district in the Leningrad region on September 17, has been buried in the Smolenskoe Cemetery, St. Petersburg, 47news reports.

According to the publication, there were no speeches at the memorial service, and the coffin was opened for farewell only for half a minute.

A service of burial began in the Smolenskoe Cemetery church yesterday at 1:00 p.m. After the ceremony, the closed coffin with the body was put in the hearse and brought to the burial place on the Novgorod path, next to the grave of Shengelia's mother.

About 150 people came to say goodbye to the entrepreneur. The organizer of the ceremony, attended by the widow and two daughters of the deceased, was Shengelia's nephew, Georg. After the funeral, Shengelia's relatives and friends went to the vigil at a restaurant on Nakhimov Street.

53-year-old Badri Shengelia was shot in his Mercedes-Benz S500 during driving on the 21st kilometer of the Novoprioserskoe Highway in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region at about 2:00 p.m. on Monday, September 17. Overtaking Shengelia’s car, the assassins on a white Mercedes GL fired several bursts from a Kalashnikov at him in front of numerous witnesses.


Immediately after the businessman’s tragic death, the main suspects of ordering his murder were the ex-‘Night Governor’ of St. Petersburg and the alleged ex-leader of the Tambovskie OCG Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin as well as former Head of the ICR Main Directorate for Interagency Cooperation and Internal Security Mikhail Maksimenko, who was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment for taking a bribe from thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) in the March of 2018. It was thanks to Shengelia's testimony that both of them became defendants in high-profile cases several years apart.


As previously reported by Peterburgsky Dnevnik, prior to the assassination, law enforcers were going to charge Shengelia with the contract murder of Tax Service officer Vyacheslav Orlov in 2006. According to St. Petersburg lawyer Sergey Afanasyev, the infamous perpetrator of illegal seizures Shengelia, who had repeatedly become a defendant in criminal proceedings, had many detractors.

At the moment, the investigation into the murder of Shengelia is ongoing. The investigators consider different versions of the gangland businessman’s killing.

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