Gang of Tyumen siloviki-hitmen was headed by FSB special forces sniper 

Gang of Tyumen siloviki-hitmen was headed by FSB special forces sniper

Certain details have become known about the high-profile case of siloviki’s gang, which had committed at least 50 murders over a decade, including for hire, in the Ural Federal District. Names of the criminal community participants and some of its victims have been revealed.

First detentions of members of the FSB officers’ gang were held in Yalutorovsk on April 27, 2017, as reported by URA.RU citing its own source.

Employees of the operations and search division No. 5 detained two gang members for double murder; one of them was a security official, and the other was an OMON riot police officer. Following this, two more FSB operatives were detained on suspicion of murders within a few days.

According to, the crime group was headed by special forces sniper of the Regional FSB Directorate in the Tyumen region, Sergey Gilev, whose body with slash wrists and a cut throat was found in a cell of the pre-trial detention center No. 2 in Zavodoukovsk during the night of 19-20 May. The CrimeRussia previously reported that the dead man could have been in possession of information in the case, which is currently being investigated in Tyumen.

It is known that Gilev, who, according to some reports, showed no suicidal tendencies, has been transferred from a one-man cell of the Tyumen detention facility to Zavodoukovsk shortly before his death. He was not alone in the cell; there was another FSB officer – a border guard accused of an official crime. According to some reports, a criminal case under Negligence has been initiated against employees of the pre-trial detention center No. 2 in connection with the death of the gang leader. notes that members of the gang also included FSB officers Aleksandr Kobylin and Aleksey Korotkov. There are unconfirmed reports that Korotkov has coped a plea deal, and is currently passing psychiatric examination in the Serbsky Moscow Institute along with the fourth member of the gang Gladkykh.

We know that all members of the gang had special training and experience in combat under their belt. As noted by, sniper Gilev had departmental awards and ten official trips to the North Caucasus in his background. Kobylin was an FSB operatives’ instructor and Sambo coach.

The CrimeRussia previously reported on the unprecedented (in terms of the Ural region) investigation against the crime group comprising of current FSB officers and officers of other security agencies. So far, 6 proven murders have been reported. In total, this may involve 53 murders, committed for various reasons – from hired to xenophobic as well as murders committed for the purpose of taking possession of vehicles.


Worker in a taxi, a cardiocenter employee Roman Zimin was shot, like other taxi drivers, through the back of the driver's seat

In particular, the gang members are suspected of murdering a series of taxi drivers in the Tyumen region, whose cars were then used by criminals to carry out contract killings. After the arrest, a notebook with the names of potential targets, among which were the names of representatives of the authorities, was found in one of the gang members. 

The names of some of the victims, who were murders-for-hire, are already known. According to, in 2008, the hitmen assassinated Tyumen businessman (and a ‘cashier’, according to some reports) Dmitry Klovanich; in 2010, they murdered Director General of Agrokhimprom Leonid Khazan. also describes the murder of a Tajikistan migrant worker, whom the hitmen killed to intimidate an entrepreneur, a victim of fraud.

Allegedly, an unnamed Azerbaijani businessman, who turned out to be a defendant in the case of non-payment of taxes in the amount of 50 million rubles ($833 thousand), tried to solve his problems with the help of the gang. The gang members requested 15 million rubles ($250 thousand) for their services, which the businessman gave them. However, the gangsters did not solve the problem, and the ‘client’ demanded the money back. Then the criminals hired a Tajik unskilled worker, dressed him properly, made him unconscious with the help of clonidine, tied him up, and brought to a meeting with the entrepreneur. Presenting him as an intermediary who did not return 15 million to the addressee; without letting him speak, they shot the Tajik in front of the businessman, after which he did not dare to ask for the repayment of the debt again, and soon died under unknown circumstances.

The region’s law enforcers avoid commenting on the scandalous case in detail in the interests of the investigation. The investigation involves the Military Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee in the Ural Federal District.

Meanwhile, the CrimeRussia knows that the large-scale investigation against a number of regional siloviki, including the gang of FSB hitmen, began with the testimony of former Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev.


Viktor Konteev

The ex-official is currently serving an 18-year sentence for a bribe. In May 2017, he was transported to Yekaterinburg for medical examination. During the 5 days spent in the city, Victor Konteev managed to provide the employees of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Ural Federal District with valuable information about the corruptive activities of the region’s siloviki, including those of the gang of hitmen security officials, who ‘operated’ throughout the federal district.

As noted by the CrimeRussia’s source, the hitmen could have received orders from Konteev himself; the investigation is to check into this information.

Meanwhile, the scandal surrounding the hitmen’s gang provoked considerable personnel reshuffle in the Regional FSB Directorate in the Tyumen region. Based on the results of the FSB Main Directorate’s commission, which arrived from Moscow to Tyumen immediately after receiving a report on the detention of the first suspects, an unprecedented combing awaits the regional department of state security. 

As we previously reported, a decision on the resignation of Major-General Vadim Pyatiletov, who headed the FSB in the Tyumen region for 6 years, had been taken in Moscow. Currently, the Head of the Regional FSB Directorate is officially on vacation.


General Vadim Pyatiletov

The high-profile case will affect the fate of other representatives of the regional management of the FSB Directorate. In early July, it became known that in connection with the scandal, a replacement of almost all senior officials of the Tyumen Regional FSB Directorate is being planned in Moscow. In particular, it was decided to dismiss the head of the Internal Security Department, head of the FSB Directorate Human Resources Department, and the commander of the battalion, in which the suspects served.



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