Gaioz Makiev pays in gold for deputy career of his son  

Gaioz Makiev pays in gold for deputy career of his son
Zurab Makiev is not among popular politicians in the North Ossetia

North Ossetia politics turned into a “front”, and attacks of "bombs" of blackmail material are about to start.

Ambitious and adventurous politicians have started a fight for the presidency of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, which is temporarily occupied by Chairman of the Regional Government Vyacheslav Bitarov since 29 February. While the Acting Head of the Republic on the recommendation of the Russian President is trying to prove the Ossetians that he is able to meet their expectations, his opponents have formed the “front”, and attacks of "bombs" of blackmail material are about to start. According to the CrimeRussia source, the most interested person in the "elimination" of Bitarov is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Zurab Makiev, which, apparently, believes the desirable post can be bought. Read the CrimeRussia’s article to get more details.


On 19 February, the former Head of the North Ossetia Republic Tamerlan Aguzarov died from the oncological disease in a Moscow clinic. During a meeting with Bitarov, Vladimir Putin said that Agouzarov trusted him, treated him with respect and offered to head the post of the Head of the Rebublic. As it turned out, there were few supporters of the Russian President’s opinion regarding Bitarov, others were considering their candidacy as more suitable for the post. For example, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Makiev Zurab Gayozovich, is, apparently, ready for elimination of competitors even by the most vile means, such as collecting and stove piping of compromising information, as well as bribery of the "right" people, who would put in a word for him.

As reported, Makiev has got the support of one of the main Russian Edinaya Rossiya party’s deputies by presenting him a gun made of pure gold as a gift. A real performance was played by Makiev and his father (about who we will talk later) to send a veiled bribe. So, Makiev ordered the golden gun in his native Georgia, and was able to negotiate with the Head of the South Ossetia that precious gift would be awarded to the Vice Speaker of the State Duma, the Secretary of the General Council of Edinaya Rossiya party Sergei Neverov. There is no information on what a condition of the "deal" was, but it was clear that Neverov was asked to put in a word.

Note that earlier the CrimeRussia has found out that under the guidance of the Head of the South Ossetian Republic the award arms fund had been turned into a supermarket selling awarded "Glock» and «Beretta» pistols. With the participation of Minister of Internal Affairs Akhsar Lavoev, the channel of purchase and selling of guns on the "black market" in Georgia was organized, where a gun costs three-four thousand dollars. Weapons are imported illegally into the South Ossetia, and registered as seized or voluntarily surrendered by citizens of the Republic. “Arms shop" works there as a conveyor, and one of those guns was handed to Sergei Neverov.

The plan with the golden gun has worked: soon Tajmazov Arthur Borisovich, the most famous Russian and Uzbek wrestler, was excluded from the list of candidates for the election of deputies of the State Duma of the VII convocation in September 2016. Born in the North Ossetia and being one of the most titled athletes in the history of wrestling, he enjoys wide popular support at home and makes his competitors feel pretty nervous. One of them is Zurab Makiev, who, in order to eliminate the popular rival with more powerful authority and greater chances to win used unfair and ignoble means.

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The fact is that after the gift was presented, there was a call to the North Ossetian Edinaya Rossiya office from Moscow. It was Sergei Neverov asking to make a reshuffle: replace Taymazov to Makiev, who, by the way, had not pass the list of candidates to the State Duma. Thus, Makiev deprived the Ossetians of the right to honestly express the public will and to vote for the truly respected candidate in the Republic.

Ossetian Arthur Tajmazov is the most titled athlete of Uzbekistan in all sports of the Olympic Games, winner of three of the six Olympic gold awards in the history of the country. He was born in the North Ossetian village Nogir on 20 of July 1979.  During his athletic career, he has become a three-time Olympic champion (2004, 2008 and 2012 years), a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in 2000, a two-time world champion (2003, 2006 years), a two-time champion of Asia (2000, 2011 years) and a three-time champion of the Asian Games (2002, 2006, 2010 years).


His opponent Zurab Makiev is 39-year-old native of Georgia, a deputy of the State Duma and a son of famous Ossetian politician Gaioz Makiev. It was Makiev Sr. who helped him to implement a plan on elimination of Taymazov. The Zampolit reported, Makiev Jr. has had very sophisticated career path: it began in 2000 in the newly established presidential embassy in the Southern Federal District, then he worked in the Ministry of Justice, and in the Kostroma Region Government, later he returned to work in Moscow as the Deputy Head of the Secretariat of first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. At the end of 2012, a new move in Makiev’s career happened - he became the First Deputy PM of the North Ossetia and the authorized representative of the North Ossetia Republic under the Russian President. In October 2014, he started to work in the State Duma.

Zurab’s success is believed to be connected with high lobbying potential of his father Gaioz Makiev, the Head of the Federal Road Directorate for the North Caucasus, now the Head of the Stavropol branch of the Glavgosexpertiza Rossii, according to the CrimeRussia, creation of this self-regulatory structure occurred with the help and approval of the Head of the Rostechnadzor Alexey Aleshin, a friend of Gaioz Makiev. At the beginning of April 2015, Makiev was appointed as the Head of the Stavropol branch of the Glavgosexpertiza Rossii, which deals with inspection of construction documents and engineering survey results. The agency considers all the cost sheets and financial estimates of future constructions, it draws conclusion about prospects of investment and budget relevance of a project. The entire North Caucasus is under the jurisdiction of the agency. According to the Abos source, Makiev’s appointment cost him two million dollars. The source reports, that there is no surprise in a sum of the bribery. In fact, while serving as the "owner of the Caucasian roads", Makiev could "earn" several times more. His previous post in the Administration of the North-Caucasian roads in 2013, when Gaioz Konstantinovich served there, cost him $13 million, according to Abos.


It is worth remembering an incident during Makiev’s video conference with Vladimir Putin on the situation in the road sector. The President tried to find out the real price of one kilometer of road construction. Makiev managed to ride off on a side issue twice, telling Putin about the roads, which were planned to be built in Gudermes , Beslan and other cities of the North Caucasus. The President had to be persistent and asked his question for a third time, then he got an answer:

- If the amount of money is divided on the length of bypassing of Nalchik, one kilometer costs a little more than 100 million rubles, - Makiev said.

In fact, 27-kilometer bypassing cost 3.5 billion rubles, which, in conversion, makes up a sum of about 130 million rubles per kilometer. It should be considered that the road was not built from the scratch. A large part of it, including 6 bridges, junction and overpass, which require most of the budget, were put into operation few years earlier.

- The rise in prices is sometimes unexplainable, - Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said during the conference.

This is how Makiev came off unscathed.


Despite the fact that the Makievs have preferred the North Ossetia to Georgia as a political platform, they have saved very strong ties with the Government and law enforcement circles at home. At the same time, neither Gaioz Makiev nor his son Zurab could not gain trust of the Ossetians during the period of their service. In other words, unlike Arthur Taymazov, the Makievs are “Varangians” and strangers for the Ossetians, as they have the same goal - to cash in on the budget of the North Ossetia. Zurab’s coming to power may cause resentment of locals and, as a consequence, to destabilize a social situation.

Makiev Jr. is believed to be nourishing an idea of getting the post of the Head of the Republic for a long time. The new wave of rumors has "covered" the Ossetia after the death of Tamerlan Aguzarov. Disappearance of Arthur Taymazov ‘s name from the list of candidates to the State Duma of the Russian Federation can be fairly considered as part of his rival’s plan, the CrimeRussia is concerned. After the trick with Taymazov, Zurab Makiev turned his attention to his direct competitor - popular and successful businessman Vyacheslav Bitarov, who was delegated to head the Republic by Vladimir Putin. Now Makiev is busy with searching and collecting compromising information on Bitarov, which is waiting for its “X-hour”.



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