Furious and rageth. AUE teenagers’ crimes in St. Petersburg 

Furious and rageth. AUE teenagers’ crimes in St. Petersburg
Some teenagers from the gang have been in the file Photo: The CrimeRussia

On August 24, AUE (Convict’s Codex is Unified - Ed.) adolescent, among whom there were girls, attacked people in the Tauride Garden of St. Petersburg. Victims were hospitalized with fractures and bruises. As it turned out later, some of the teenagers are on the hook of the police and have already been convicted. At the moment, only three members of the gang, which consisted of about 20 participants, are detained. The CrimeRussia reviews the details of the incident.

Details of the accident: "We immediately called the police. There was not a reaction!"

Hooligan antics for several hours, about 20 victims, including one elderly woman, is the AUE teenagers for the evening of August 24.

One of the high-profile episodes for this evening is an attack on a company of four people: two guys and two girls. Young people celebrated their birthday in the Tauride Garden, and then planned to go to the restaurant, but did not have time: the tourists saw the teenagers. One of the victims, a 24-year-old teacher, could not keep up the ball with teenagers in thieves' jargon and answer the question "Why do you sit here?" - So as to satisfy the curiosity of minors. The teacher's proposal "Guys, let's calm down and talk" was met with blows to the body and head. The girls were threatened with a broken-off bottleneck. As a result, the teacher was taken to the hospital with two jaw fractures and his friend - with a broken nose.


The victim with a broken nose

The teacher is eating through the tube because of the broken jaw, and he will undergo an expensive operation in the future.

"They understand that as long as they are minors, they will face no trial, so they think that nothing prevents them from doing it," teacher of mathematics Igor, who fell victim, states.


Affected Igor, whom the teenagers broke the jaw    

Aggressive teenagers had no fears and provoked others, trying to bring out a conflict. Tatyana Iskhakova, an eyewitness of the attack in Tauride, recalls: "They tried to fight shouting: "Hit me, hit me! I am a minor; you will be convicted!" We tried to calm them. They had broken-off bottlenecks, one of them grabbed his pocket and said: "I have a traumatic gun!"

"The guys were inadequate - either drunk or drugged," says another victim, Vladimir Petrovsky. “They shouted something and broke into a conflict. Then, like a hurricane, they began to smash, to break. We counted about twenty children. There was a fight. Teenagers beat an unknown person; someone shouted that he "gets the tool." One woman was struck on the head, and they took away her phone because she was filming their outrages. We immediately called the police. Surprisingly, there was no response."

After a while teenagers also attacked a couple near the Suvorov museum – the teenagers asked for "cigarette," and then began to beat the man. "They were looking for a cause, wanted to scuffle. There were several blows in the jaw and the nose," victim Vsevolod Vishnevsky recalls. His wife was not hurt; she tried to attract the attention of the crowd. The victim got a broken nose; he had to spend the night in the hospital. The man claims that Suvorov museum CCTV has recorded the whole incident.


According to eyewitnesses, the gang saw the babushka at a bus stop and pounced on a pensioner. Her fate is unknown.

Adolescents were either taken away or merely spoiled personal belongings of the victims (they shook out the bags and trodden under foot), extorted money. Teenagers acted spontaneously, stupidly and aimlessly crushing everything. That evening, they also stole alcohol in two stores (internal security cameras recorded that they did it brazenly and confidently), mutilated the parked car, smashed the shop window, garbage cans, spoiled several flower beds and lawns.

Teenagers' friend: "They are scam, hooligans, they are just drinking!"

Despite the fact that a wide range of the public has become aware of the actions of adolescents only recently, in fact, this gang has been operating in St. Petersburg for several months. 15-17-year-old members of this group are on the hook of law enforcement agencies and guardianship authorities. If not the mass beating of people on August 24, the police would most likely ignore the case - the criminals are still minors.


According to Fontanka.ru, 11 criminal cases were initiated in three districts of St. Petersburg (same story: the beating of passers-by, looting, robbery, theft), in which 14 participants were involved. There were those teenagers that attached people on August 24. Then, a couple of years ago, juvenile criminals were detained and arrested, did time for a year and a half, and later were released under house arrest. Teenagers got tracking electronic bracelets and were prohibited from leaving the apartment. However, nothing prevented them from appearing in the center of St. Petersburg.

"Because of the bracelet, they can not be on the street for longer than three hours," a friend of teenagers explained in her commentary to RIA Novosti. "But, as you can see, this is enough to behave like a hoodlum. Sometimes they were far away from their homes; then the police came to their apartments."

And here are some more details from the anamnesis of the detainees, which explain the criminal past and the present of the teenagers. So, one of them was born with HIV infection, the illness was detected as early as six years; the 17-year-old with seven classes of education was convicted of a series of thefts. The second of the detainees is a pupil of special school No. 2 for people with deviant behavior and early alcoholization, is prone to vagrancy; the boy is under the control of a psychiatrist, he is registered with the narcological early treatment center, the center for rehabilitation Children's Psychiatry and the Department of Juvenile Affairs of Primorsky Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. And, finally, the third of the arrested is registered with the psycho-neurological dispensary and the police department for juvenile affairs; the teenager is not able to fully understand the actual nature and social danger of his actions according to the level of his mental condition; in December 2016, he was convicted of a series of robberies.


A familiar of the teenagers, who lives with them in one area, said: "Their parents drink. Although some of them have quite happy families. Someone from this company studies in a special school and has long been in the file. They are not doing anything, and they follow the culture of the AUE, insult police officers, etc. They're the scam, hooligans, they are just drinking." The girl told that teenagers often "hanging around the yards," and also noted that such aggression among her peers arose only a few months ago when two friends returned from the colony for juvenile offenders.

"The police did not want to approve our applications!": What's going on?

According to eyewitness of lawlessness in the Tauride Garden Ekaterina Starkova, the application for adolescents faced brush-off: "The police knew teenagers. But when we applied, the officers refused to accept it. Like, you'll think, two weeks ago they also beat people. They did not want to accept the statement! Only when the Prosecutor's Office got involved. They knew that they are minor, so the policemen can not detain them. Some of them even have a criminal record... They consider themselves as an AUE gang; They are fierce and furious."

The Smolninsky District Court ordered the arrest of three members of the gang; they will spend two months in custody. Teenagers are charged under part 2 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Deliberate infliction of moderate harm to health, as well as part 2 of Article 161 of the Criminal Code Robbery committed by a group of persons on a preliminary conspiracy. In total, there are 13 teenagers in the case.


A week after the loud AUE case in the Tauride Garden in the center of St. Petersburg, a new emergency involving a minor occurred: on the night of September 1, two young men beat their friend, a 32-year-old man. He died on the spot from the injuries received. The killers were a college student and handyman. According to the version of the investigation, the murder was committed due to violent conflict, and the killers were in a state of intoxication. The media have already classified criminals as followers of the AUE, although there is no official confirmation that these young people are associated with a gang that wreaked havoc riots in the Tauride Garden.

At the moment, a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the crime under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code (Deliberate Infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm, which resulted in the death of the victim through negligence), an investigation is ongoing.


What is AUE?

AUE (stands for "Convict’s Codex is Unified," as well as "Convict’s Thug Solidarity") is an informal association that arose in Russia and gained popularity in recent years.

The participants of the movement (mostly minors) romanticize and hype up prison concepts among students of boarding and ordinary schools, demand compliance with the thieves' code, collect ‘tribute' for criminals, promising the protection of the mobs. The participants of the movement tend to quickly achieve their demands through blackmailing, manipulations (the teenagers who refuse to pay money face beatings and mental violence).

According to Sergey Milyukov, senior adviser to justice retired colonel and professor of criminal law at the RSPU n.a. Herzen, the phenomenon of AUE has always existed, but the very abbreviation of this ideology is quite young (according to Novaya Gazeta, for the first time it appeared in 2010 - the cry "AUE!" provoked a wave of riots in the Belorechensky educational colony of the Krasnodar Territory). "In the 1950s and 1960s, a large part of teenagers and children worshiped and obeyed these thievish customs. <...> Children of the fifth-eighth classes were fond of criminal habits and rules. This, perhaps, expressed their desire for independence. Concepts passed down for generations," Milyukov said in his commentary to Meduza.

The speed of propagation of the AUE ideology is striking: just three years ago the head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chita, Gennady Mosyakin, asserted that a problem of AUE "does not exist": "Young people sometimes use this word, without understanding what it means. Perhaps this is a problem of the future generation."

However, a year later, the problem of the AUE was repeatedly raised at the highest level: in December 2016, executive secretary Yana Lantratova reported about AUE to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights in the Kremlin, placing this phenomenon in a series of problems of the national security. Following the meeting, an interdepartmental working group with the participation of the HRC members was established to prevent the criminalization of the adolescent environment.



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