Funeral of kidnapped and then killed 22-year-old traffic policeman takes place in Mogilev 

Funeral of kidnapped and then killed 22-year-old traffic policeman takes place in Mogilev

In Mogilev, Gypsies on a Volga car with Russian number plate kidnapped and brutally murdered a traffic police inspector.

May 18, in the Belarusian Mogilev, farewell to a 22-year-old police lieutenant Yevgeny Potapovich takes place. Colleagues, relatives, friends and all those who are not indifferent to the occurred tragedy gathered in the lobby of the building of the regional philharmonic society.

Yevgeny's colleagues came the first to say goodbye to him, many of them have a working day - they could not stay until the end of the ceremony. The lieutenant will be buried in Belynichsky area.

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Relatives do not communicate with journalists yet. Some details were told by the neighbor of the deceased, Elena Gromova, she saw him a day before his death.

“Kind-hearted man. Always smiling. I am sure that he could not believe that this could happen in our calm country,” the girl thinks. She is also confident that he did not feel the danger that came from the criminals. Elena could not remember that something similar had happened in the last 10 years in Mogilev.

The neighbor also said that Yevgeny loved what he was doing – his father was also a traffic policeman. Elena noted Yevgeny’s honesty, gentleness in unimportant matters, and principle in serious matters.

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Olga Nikolaevna, who came to the ceremony, did not know the deceased. But when she was 6 years old, she lost her father, a policeman. Today she came to pay tribute to those who died while on duty.

“How could such wildness happen in peacetime?” the woman, to whom this story, reminiscent of the realities of the 90s, did not fit into today's everyday life, was amazed of the events.

“My grandson is studying at the institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What will I tell him? But I will definitely not discourage further study or serve,” Olga Nikolaevna said.

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On May 16, a police officer who was in service was abducted in Mogilev. He managed to send a message about the need to look for a black Volga with a Russian number plate and that there were three men in the car, presumably of gypsy appearance.

A few hours later the body of a policeman was found in the forest with a gunshot wound to the head. According to some reports – with signs of torture.

No killers were found. There are also unverified data that the ICR suggests that they could hide in Russia.

On May 17, the police began a search of the houses of representatives of the Gypsy nationality. Several adolescents, women, men, were brought to the department, reports TUT.BY. The men were sent to the jail for at least a day, the women were released.

If they find the killers, they face the death penalty, which operates on the territory of Belarus.

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