Fugitive ex-Deputy Voronenkov reminded of 90s’ racket and noughties’ raids

Fugitive ex-Deputy Voronenkov reminded of 90s’ racket and noughties’ raids
State Duma ex-Deputy from the Communist Party Denis Voronenkov Photo: Alexander Lukashin / PhotoXPress

Denis Voronenkov made his first step on the criminal path in Ryazan, Life claims.

Former State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov, now hiding from Russian justice in Kiev, began his criminal life in the '90s.

According to Life, in 1998 Denis Voronenkov, being an officer of military prosecutor's office of the Ryazan garrison and a senior lieutenant of justice, participated in the raid on agricultural enterprise Teplichny Kombinat (Greenhouse plant). According to the documents of the MIA, on 17 April 1998 at 17.30 a Sixer of eggplant color stopped beside the plant, and three people in masks got out of it and went to the farm office. The driver of the car remained on the lookout, and as it turned out later, it was Denis Voronenkov. Three armed bandits broke into the building of the farm, immobilized the guard and began to fill plastic bags with cash available in the plant office. However, the robbers were hindered as other security guards came in time to the noise. As a result, two racketeers were tied, and one managed to escape with a bag of money. As for remaining on the lookout Voronenkov, he was also successfully detained. During the arrest he sat quietly in the car and waited for his comrades, not knowing that the raid failed.The two hijackers Voronenkov were given to the police, and the one who escaped with a bag of money came to the department later, but without the money. By the way, employees of the farm claimed about 20 thousand rubles lost ($350). Among the robbers apart from already mentioned lieutenant of Justice there were Special Rapid Response Team (SRRT) captain Oleg Lukoshin, employee of department on drug control Alexander Rostislavsky and student of the Moscow Military University Nikolay Nikolayev.

However, in respect of the raiders they had not been penalized to the fullest extent of the law. Law enforcers said to their colleagues that they were trying to suppress the bandits’ lair in that evening. According to them, TOO Teplichnoye, which was owned by local ‘authorit’y Mikhail Ivlev, had a warehouse of drugs and arms. Despite the fact that the raiders have not found any warehouse and the stolen money were not returned to the cashier of the farm the incident was hushed up. The high-profile case had minimal impact on its participants: someone was downgraded, another one was presented a service incompetence note. SRRT captain Lukoshin, for example, was transferred to work as operative in the Criminal Investigation Department.

Concerning Denis Voronenkov, the cade against him was closed due to "lack of evidence", after that he moved to Moscow for the sake of career advancement.

According to Life, the ex-deputy has at least one more obscure fact of participation in criminal activity. A source told the publication that in 2007 a group of raiders led by Denis Voronenkov tried to seize 4 separate houses in Rubyovka from homeowner Egidius. The raiders threatened the owner with a massacre. However, employees of Private Security Company, who stood up to protect the owner and his property, were able to resist the criminals. After this incident sources of Life did not hear about Voronenkov as a raider any more.

However crime scenes described by sources can hardly interest investigating authorities without supporting evidence. At the moment the fugitive deputy is suspected of only one crime. According to investigators, Denis Voronenkov put in the federal wanted list was involved in the illegal seizure of a building in the center of Moscow. In 2011 raiders tried to take a building with a bakery and shop in Mezhdunarodnaya Street from the head of Toma company Otari Kobakhidze. Investigators claim that Voronenkov found buyers for property registered on nominees. Entrepreneur Vitaly Kachur, who agreed to buy a house for $2 million, passed $100 thousand to Voronenkov as an advance. He received additional $1.2 million from the buyer for resolving the re-registration of the building issue. However in an interview with the media Voronenkov stated that the case against him was fabricated and people under pressure gave the testimony. The ex-deputy called entrepreneur Vitaly Kachur "one of the main launderers in Moscow", who was forced to declare a fictional debt he had had for seven years. Besides, Voronenkov confirmed that previously he was actively involved in real estate transactions in Moscow.



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