FSO officer found dead on Moscow lawyer's yacht

FSO officer found dead on Moscow lawyer's yacht

Doctors diagnosed Sergey Gridnev with acute cardiovascular insufficiency.

A 48-year-old FSO officer Sergey Gridnev was found dead on the Grufita yacht, owned by Moscow lawyer Georgy Iordanidi, Baza reports. According to preliminary data, the man died from acute cardiovascular failure.

It is reported that yesterday ambulance was called to the yacht club Royal. According to sources of Baza, Iordanidi and Gridnev walked on a yacht on the river when the FSO officer became ill. The ship was sent to shore, but the man died before it managed to the dock.

Gridnev's body was sent to the Central Clinical Military Hospital of the FSB.

People with the names of Iordanidi and Gridnev appeared in the case of the former deputy head of Moscow Registration Committee Mikhail Skvortsov, who was accused of fraud in the sale of a two-story building on Alexander Solzhenitsyn Street in Moscow. The building belonged to OAO Steklomontazh. The case against Skvortsov was filed at the request of the minority shareholder of Steklomontazh by the name of Iordanidi. Skvortsov claimed that two years before the initiation of the case, Iordanidi and Gridnev came to him to “settle the matter” with the building. However, then the parties did not come to any decision, and later Skvortsov was accused of fraud.



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