FSO ex-head's wife enjoys a third of Dmitry Mikhalchenko's terminal

FSO ex-head's wife enjoys a third of Dmitry Mikhalchenko's terminal
Dmitry Mikhalchenko

Lyudmila Murova, the wife of ex-head of the Federal Guards Service (FSO) General Evgeny Murov, received a third of the Bronka terminal, and the general's grandson got a leading post in one of the Bronka owners, newspaper Delovoy Peterburg reports.

The key part of the asset of the arrested billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko is now in the hands of the Murovs. According to experts, this may mean that in the near future Mikhalchenko will not be released.

In July of this year, Invest-Capital LLC, which belonged to Dmitry Mikhalchenko and his partner, FSB General Nikolai Negodov, was transferred to Lyudmila Murova. This company owns 33% of the shares in Feniks LLC, engaged in the construction of a container terminal in Bronka.

The remaining structure has not enjoyed changes so far: Mikhalchenko still controls 34% of Feniks LLC, and Negodov directly owns 33% of Bronka developer.

A source of Delovoy Peterburg, familiar with this situation, said that the appearance of Murov among the owners of the company was an attempt to strengthen the protection of the asset.

Earlier the Head of St. Petersburg holding Forum Dmitry Mikhalchenko was accused of smuggling alcohol. The investigation found that a group of people led by Mikhalchenko had smuggled elite alcohol into Russia, and the cost of one bottle had reached 50 thousand rubles ($867.4). They smuggled across the border, masking alcohol under the building sealant. A lot of alcohol, during the illegal importation of which they were exposed, cost about 62 million rubles ($1 m). 



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