FSIN torturers in Yaroslavl jail are all either "sick" or "on leave" 

FSIN torturers in Yaroslavl jail are all either "sick" or "on leave"
A still from the video

The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) and the Investigative Committee of Russia have started a check after the video of tortures in the Yaroslavl colony had been published online.

The Yaroslavl Federal Penitentiary Service has commenced an official check after a video was posted online showing over a dozen prison employees torturing inmate named Evgeny Makarov.

Novaya Gazeta published the video that shows camouflaged people beating a man with rubber truncheons and fists for about 10 minutes. The prisoner asks for mercy, but they only pour water all over him. According to preliminary data, this was the way the colony's employees chose to punish Makarov for being rude to one of the guards when a letter from his mother had been thrown on the floor during a cell search.

Vladimir Nikolaev is the name of the person who was head of the prison at the time the video was filmed. According to the Mash Telegram Channel, he has been promoted and got a job with the central department of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the region. Naturally, when asked, he said he knew nothing about the tortures in the colony at the time when he was working there, according to the channel.

As for those involved in the atrocities, most of them are still working in the prison, but now they all appear to be sick or gone on vacations. None of them have been interviewed yet.

While the Investigative Committee is running the pre-investigation check into the sadistic video, the Civil Society and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation turned to the ICR and the Prosecutor General's Office asking for a thorough inspection of the incident.

"What we find disturbing is both the fact that there is a video recording of a group assault and the fact that no criminal case was initiated after the pre-investigation check more than a year ago. So, it is not just infliction of serious bodily injuries by the Penitentiary Service staff, but also them giving false testimony," the message reads.



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