FSIN officers unaware of Supreme Court’s verdict: Ildar Dadin still in colony

FSIN officers unaware of Supreme Court’s verdict: Ildar Dadin still in colony
Ildar Dadin

As reported by Chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) for the Altai Territory Aleksey Belous, civil activist Ildar Dadin is held in prison in the Altai due to the fact that the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) officers left video room at the time of verdict announcement by the Supreme Court (SC) on February 22.

According to him, Mr. Dadin himself told this to PMC members who visited him today in the Altai colony. He noted that FSIN representatives had left the room at his request.

The FSIN officers did not hear the SC decision, which cancelled Ildar Dadin's sentence, therefore they can not release him until the colony receives an official paper from the Supreme Court. According to Belous, this is likely to happen on Tuesday, February 28. "There was an explanation of the deputy chairman of the Supreme Court, according to which there had been numerous episodes of SC decisions falsification, so in its actions, FSIN should be guided only by official documents submitted by courier or special service," Dozhd TV channel cites the Altai PMC.

The PMC members reported that Dadin feels well; he has gained nine kilograms and is waiting for the release. Ildar Dadin speaks well about the correctional camp No. 5, in which he has been serving his sentence after the transfer from a Karelian facility; he says that FSIN officers are sympathetic to the prisoners.

Let us recall that Ildar Dadin is the first person convicted under Art. 212.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (Repeated violation of established procedure for conducting meetings). In November 2016, he reported about beatings and humiliation on the part of the correctional colony staff in Karelia. Checks found no evidence to his words. December 2, the convict was transferred from Karelia; on January 7, he arrived in the correctional camp No. 5 in the Altai region. February 10, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation considered the complaint of Mr. Dadin on Art. 212.1 of the Russian Criminal Code and decided that the judicial acts in respect of the activist should be revised.

February 22, the Presidium of the Supreme Court ordered the release of Ildar Dadin, convicted of repeated violation of the rules of picketing. As the court indicated, he has the right to rehabilitation. According to lawyers, Dadin should be released no later than February 27.⁠



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