FSB tracks Shaltay Boltay via Lewis’s phone 

FSB tracks Shaltay Boltay via Lewis’s phone
FSB officers established all the members of the hacker group via Vladimir Anikeev's phone

Security officers hacked messengers to identify the criminals.

FSB officers hacked Anikeev’s phone and found all Shaltay Boltay members, reported Rosbalt. The security services got the mobile phone that Lewis had used during his stay in Thailand. Despite the advanced security system, the officers managed to crack all the messengers, identify the Anonymous International members and lure some of them into Russia. The special operation resulted in detention of Vladimir Anikeev, Konstantin Teplyakov and Aleksandr Filimonov.

Another member of the group is still wanted: Ukrainian citizen Irina Shevchenko (Alice), who is now in Kiev. According to some reports, she used to work as a fitness instructor at a club where Anikeev went. He and his wife Zinaida (also a fitness instructor) separated and he started a relationship with Shevchenko, who also became his accomplice. She would come to whatever cafe top officials were at and obtained data from their computers and phones through a fake Wi-Fi connection. She then would pass the information to Shaltay in Estonia, who would analyze it and find some incriminating evidence that they could sell. All the data would be sold online for Bitcoins that Alisa would cash in Kiev.

Ирина Шевченко

Irina Shevchenko

Teplyakov and Filinov worked under pseudonyms: Martovsky Zayats (March Hare) and Shlyapnik (Mad Hatter), both were IT experts. Anikeev had invited them to his team. At first, they had worked on one-off projects before becoming full-time members of the group. They were engaged in processing of the obtained archive. They also had a registered business in Thailand: Q Property Real Estate Agency.

Константин Тепляков

Konstantin Teplyakov

According to the latest reports, both Anikeev and Teplyakov were going to stay in Ukraine, but the FSB detained them.



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