FSB to initiate criminal case over extortion against Information Exchange

FSB to initiate criminal case over extortion against Information Exchange
Vladimir Anikeev

The intelligence services are going to start a criminal case against the founders of the website engaged in selling personal data.

The Investigation Department of the Russian Federal Security Service is going to make the Information Exchange-related files a separate criminal case, Rosbalt reported. The Information Exchange (IE) is a platform where the offenders uploaded personal correspondence and emails of businessmen and politicians. The criminal case is likely to be initiated over extortion.

The publication cited an unnamed source saying that special services have started the criminal proceedings against the Information Exchange founders. The FSB believes that the IE was set up by Aleksandr Glazastikov from Shaltay Boltay, who wanted to make some extra money on the archives he collected. They would upload the data on the Information Exchange where people would buy it for bitcoins.

The IE archives were then regularly filled with information from other sources. Less than 50% of the information Shaltay Boltay obtained has actually been posted on the website, according to the FSB.

Shaltay Boltay or Anonymous International is a hacker group engaged in the theft of personal data and emails of famous politicians, businessmen and showmen. Late in 2016, the group founder Vladimir Anikeev, known as Lewis, was detained, followed by the arrests of high-ranking FSB officers from the Information Security Center Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev. According to the investigation, the accused had been in charge of all the hacking activities of the group.



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