FSB officer accused of hacking Yahoo! worked in Mikhail Prokhorov's bank

FSB officer accused of hacking Yahoo! worked in Mikhail Prokhorov's bank
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According to the US law enforcement bodies, from 2015 to 2016, Sushchin was hacking mailboxes of high-ranking employees of the investment bank. As the publication notes, the victims of hacking include members of the bank’s board of directors.

FSB officer Igor Sushchin, accused by the FBI of hacking more than 500 million Yahoo! accounts in 2014, used to work in Renaissance Capital investment bank, owned by multibillionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

According to Kommersant citing a source in the information security market, Igor Sushchin  served as Head of Renaissance Capital Security Management for several years.

The following day after the FBI disclosed the information, he was dismissed from the Renaissance Capital group, Kommersant reports. The bank's press service has confirmed that Sushchin used to be an employee of Renaissance Broker LLC, but on March 16, 2017, the labor relations with him were terminated.

Let us recall that on March 15, the US Department of Justice brought charges of computer hacking and economic espionage against four citizens, two of whom were employees of the FSB. Apart from Igor Sushchin, the US accused the defendant of a high-profile case of high treason, FSB ISC officer Dmitry Dokuchaev, as well as hackers Aleksey Belan and Karim Baratov, of hacking Yahoo! and stealing data from 500 million mailboxes.

According to Washington Post, the four accused persons are involved in 47 criminal episodes, the punishment for which may exceed several dozen years.

Renaissance Capital is part of Mikhail Prokhorov's ONEKSIM group. The indictment published by the Ministry of Justice says that Igor Sushchin had been introduced into the Russian investment bank as a 'seconded employee.' At the same time, the US Justice Department is unaware whether the bank knew about his work in the FSB. The financial organization’s press service has neither denied nor confirmed this information.

According to the US law enforcers, in April 2015, Sushchin ordered Dmitry Dokuchaev to gain access to the accounts of some of the members of the bank's board of directors, his wife, secretary, and one of the senior officials, stored on the Yahoo and Google services. One of the employees was labeled the ‘main target.’

Unauthorized access to the mailboxes of these persons was acquired, in particular, due to phishing emails simulating messages from the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The publication notes that Sushchin is currently at large, whereas two other defendants in the case have been arrested. Karim Baratov was arrested on March 14 in Canada, and Dokuchaev has been in the Lefortovo detention center on charges of high treason since the end of last year. Head of one of the FSB ISC departments Colonel Sergey Mikhailov, Head of the Kaspersky Lab’s Department for Investigation of Computer Incidents Ruslan Stoyanov, and a certain Georgy Fomchenkov have been arrested as part of this case. The fate of Aleksey Belan, whom the US Ministry of Justice accuses of hacking Yahoo! accounts, is not yet known.⁠



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