FSB General builds cottage at frontier zone 

FSB General builds cottage at frontier zone

Officially developed dacha community has appeared at the exclusion zone on the border with Finland.

A person with the name absolutely identical to the Deputy Head of the Russian FSB Border Service, the Colonel General Nikolay Kozik, appears to be the owner of a cottage on the state border with Finland. In his blog, Alexey Navalny posted the results of this new investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK).

The general's manor house is located in a forest in the restricted area of engineering and technical constructions, which is withdrawn from civilian circulation, according to the legislation. The FBK specialists came to such conclusions after analyzing the Google Maps satellite images.


It is worth noting that the state border of the Russian Federation is protected in accordance with the following rules. The border strip consists of a border zone (from 5 to 30 kilometers), where only local residents can stay or people with a special permit, and a two-three-kilometer zone of engineering and technical structures, where the free movement of people and economic activity are restricted. It is located directly adjacent to the territory of the country, which borders with Russia. In this case we are talking about Finland.


The law qualified infiltration in this zone as an attempt to cross the border, which is punishable in accordance with the Criminal Code.

Navalny argues that general Kozik’s cottage is situated right in this restricted area, behind electric fence and exclusion zone guarded by border patrol units.


According to the Unified State Register data, the construction in the exclusion zone of the state border is indeed a cottage that belongs to an individual. An area of 6600 square meters is owned by a certain Nikolay Leonidovich Kozik. A person with exactly the same name at the rank of the Colonel General holds the post of the Deputy Head of the FSB Border Service - the Head of the Border Guard Department of the FSB Border Service. Until 2011, Kozik served as the Head of the FSB Border Department in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.


Abbreviate from the Unified State Register database

Meanwhile, RBC has checked this information and found out that in 2010, the plot of land with the total area of 47.4 thousand square meters near the village of Druzhnoselye and the Povarskoe lake (where Kozik’s cottage is located), in 2010, was transferred from the category of reserve land into the category of agricultural land by decree of the then-Governor of the Leningrad Region, Valery Serdyukov.

Снимок экрана 2016-10-12 в 12.30.22.png

Decree of the Head of the Vyborg district municipality

It should be noted that, according to 10 of para. 4 of Art. 27 of the Russian Land Code, the land plots occupied by the federally owned engineering and technical facilities, as well as communication lines, constructed for the protection and security of the state border of the Russian Federation, are considered withdrawn from circulation.

However, according to the State Real Estate Cadastre (GKN), in 2011, this territory was divided into six plots for cottage industry. One of them belongs to Colonel General Kozik.

As follows from a decree of the Head of the Vyborg district municipality of the Leningrad Region published in December 2010, up to that moment, the land plot had been secured for the Pikhala non-commercial partnership, owned, according to SPARK, by Vladimir Leonidovich Bobrov, Yulia Nikolaevna Kuznetsova, and Leonid Vorobyev.


Curiously, the same Leonid Vorobyev, together with Nikolay Kozik, is currently the co-owner of another non-profit partnership, Lesnaya Lubyanka association of individual builders, registered in Vsevolozhsk. The principal activity of the partnership is the management of residential areas for a fee or on contract basis.

Apart from Vorobyev and Kozik, the list of Lesnaya Lubyanka’s co-owners includes the Senator from the Edinaya Rossiya party Valery Vasilyev, the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin, the Head of the M-11 highway management of the Uprdor (Road Management) Federal State Institution Alexander Myatiev and full namesake of the former Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Alexander Nikitenko.

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