FSB seized documents on case of bookmaker from Yekaterinburg's police

FSB seized documents on case of bookmaker from Yekaterinburg's police
Coach Nikita Maltsev

The situation was explained by the Investigative Committee – extortion was carried out within legal investigation of the trainer on mixed martial arts Nikita Maltsev.

Based on the order of the Second Department of investigation of especially important issues of the Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in the Sverdlovsk Region to the Administration of the Federal Security Service (UFSB) of the region to conduct seizure of documents on the case of bookmakers in a local Central Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs today.

As the media service of the Investigative Committee of the region reported, documents with results of check of bookmaker offices will be used within investigation of criminal case  over swindle, the defendant of which is mixed martial arts coach Nikita Maltsev.

“Extortion of material is carried out for studying and verification of the stated version of the investigation within the specified criminal case about fraudulent actions of the detained person”, reported in investigating bodies.

It was emphasized that the search and withdrawal of other materials were not carried out.

According to the investigators, Maltsev accused of attempt at a swindle having learned that in December, 2016 law enforcement officers during the operational actions withdrew a technical equipment of bookmaker office, decided to jockey out 1,2 million rubles from the director of this firm, having promised in exchange to help to return to entrepreneurs the withdrawn equipment.

In the evening on January 12, 2017 Maltsev near the house down the street of Mamin-Sibiryak in Yekaterinburg received 700 thousand rubles then he was caught by the staff of the Sverdlovsk UFSB red-handed from the representative of bookmaker office.⁠



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