FSB former Deputy Head passed away after helicopter accident 

FSB former Deputy Head passed away after helicopter accident
Co-owner of the Seryshevsky production complex Sergey Melnichenko

Anatoly Yezhkov died of a heart attack; the pilot and entrepreneur flying along with him were injured.

Former deputy director of the FSB Anatoly Yezhkov died of a heart attack after the emergency landing of the helicopter SA 342 Gazelle, Interfax reports citing the administration of the Tuguro-Chumikansky district.

Yezhkov was on board a helicopter, put down in the forest in 600 km from Khabarovsk. According to the investigation, the accident occurred at 5:32 pm on May 20. Together with him, there were co-owner of the production complex Seryshevsky Sergey Melnichenko, 38, and the Khabarovsk businessman, 39.

According to businessman Viktor Medvedev, who delivered Mi-2 victims on his helicopter to Ekimchan, the accident occurred when owner of the aircraft Melnichenko and his passengers searched for a place for fishing.


As a result of the accident, the helicopter collapsed and then caught fire. Once on the ground, passengers began to walk to the hunting lodge, located about a kilometer from the landing site. On the way, Yezhkov got sick and died of a heart attack. Melnichenko was hospitalized with a fracture of the spine in Blagoveshchensk hospital. The pilot has a concussion and an eyebrow-cut.

Rostransnadzor and the ICR check the accident.

Colonel-General Anatoly Yezhkov was born in 1946. From 1967 to 2004 he served in the army, was head of the Russian FSB department for the North Caucasus Military District and head of the regional headquarters for the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus (since June 2001). Then he held the post of deputy director of the FSB of Russia (until July 2004) and was dismissed by presidential decree after the militants attacked Ingushetia. Then the silovik worked for Sibur.



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