FSB detains rogue policemen who plant drugs on suspects

FSB detains rogue policemen who plant drugs on suspects
FSB is probing into illegal activities of police

The suspected police officers forced a young man to put illicit substances into his pocket before seizing them in front of witnesses.

The Kaliningrad FSB detained police officers, who planted drugs on innocent people to improve statistics, wrote  Life. According to investigators, on July 7, 2016, three officers of the MIA West Department for Transport brought three suspects to the station and threatened them with criminal charges before forcing one of them to put carfentanyl (a banned substance) into his pocket. After that, the law enforcers took the young man out of station and formally arrested him seizing the drugs in front of witnesses.

Soon, the arrested ‘drug dealer’ wrote a complaint on the policemen. A criminal case was initiated under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers). The FSB started investigating the case, but it was not until January 2017 that the suspects were arrested.

Larisa Popova, the attorney of one of the defendants, gave her comment on the situation. She said the officers never found any evidence of her client’s illegal activities: the first searches were held in the autumn of 2016 proving fruitless. The men pleaded not guilty. The lawyer emphasized that another defendant is the officers’ superior, the department head.

Popova said she saw no reason for her client’s arrest since none of the defendants attempted to leave the city from the moment the case was initiated. She argues that by putting the officers in custody the investigation is trying to put pressure on them.



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