FSB detains Detectives TV show star for working as private detective in violation of law

FSB detains Detectives TV show star for working as private detective in violation of law
Alexey Nasonov

Alexey Nasonov and his detective agency are suspected of breach of privacy.

January 30, 2018, officers of the Federal Security Service Department M detained a featured actor on the Detectives TV show on Channel One, former police officer Alexey Nasonov. This is reported by Rosbalt citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to him, Nasonov’s detention is due to private investigative activities of Alexey Nasonov’s Detective Agency, which the actor created several years ago. On the same day, a search was conducted in the detective agency’s office. Nasonov was questioned and then released. There is no information about further procedural measures against him.

It is reported that the incident was part of a criminal case on breach of privacy. According to the Rosbalt’s source, the FSB believes that Nasonov and his subordinates provide forbidden information to the clients, in particular, the details of telephone conversations of third parties.

Featured actor on the Detectives TV show on Channel One Alexey Nasonov had worked in the MIA for 12 years and retired at the rank of major. He had been awarded a medal for “Excellence in the Protection of Law and Order.” He worked as a policeman in the Babushkinsky district of Moscow for a long time. He made it on the set for the first time due to his professional activities, after he got rid of drug addicts and hooligans who gathered at the entrance to the film director’s house. Season one of Detectives TV series was released in 2006 and made Nasonov popular, after which he began to receive numerous requests to conduct private investigations from the viewers. As a result, after obtaining a private investigator’s license, Nasonov established a detective agency.

The publication notes that Nasonov is not the only private detective, who has recently come to the attention of the FSB. Since the autumn of 2017, operational activities have been conducted in a number of private investigative agencies. Law enforcers are mostly interested in private detectives' access to classified information and its sale to customers. According to the Rosbalt’s source, private detective agencies sell details about a person and its activities for $200. 

In addition, the publication’s source does not exclude that the operational activities were related to the so-called Kremlin List compiled by the US.

Rosbalt previously reported about Russian special services revealing an increase in the activity of US financial intelligence in gathering information about tens of thousands of Russians in Europe and other countries. According to the publication, Americans were interested in data on employees of state companies, officials, and their relatives.



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