FSB declassifies case of “white” admiral Alexander Kolchak

FSB declassifies case of “white” admiral Alexander Kolchak

The materials remained unavailable to researchers since the victim was not rehabilitated.

St. Petersburg resident Dmitry Ostryakov got the FSB to remove the confidentiality label from the archival criminal case against Admiral Alexander Kolchak, who was shot by the Bolsheviks in Irkutsk. At the same time, the special services stressed that access to the materials is still limited, as well as to other cases of non-rehabilitated victims of political repression, Kommersant reports.

“There laws ban familiarization with cases depending on whether people have been rehabilitated or not,” Nikita Petrov, the deputy chairman of the board of the Memorial Research and Educational Center, said.

The Komanda 29 human rights group, representing Ostryakov, intends to achieve the publication of Kolchak’s case.

It is to be recalled that Admiral Kolchak led the white movement in the Civil War. In 1920, he was shot without trial by order of the Irkutsk Military Revolutionary Committee.



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