FSB comes to Serpukhov administration with another raid

FSB comes to Serpukhov administration with another raid

The law enforcement officers have paid visits to five administration employees so far.

About a hundred employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department (GUEBiPK) have been conducting searches since Monday morning, May 14. They have come to several of rural settlement leaders in the Serpukhov district, Moscow region.

"Today, since 5 am, about 100 officers of the FSB and GUEBiPK have been conducting searches in the offices of the administration heads Sheiko, Lisitsyna, Tumansky and two employees of the Dankovsky settlement [administration]”, Alexander Shestun, the Serpukhov district head, wrote on Facebook.

No other details have been reported so far. Earlier it was said that the investigators had come to the places of Irina Filatova and Marina Atamanyuk, two deputy heads of the Serpukhov district administration, as well as to the Nadezhda Palace of Sports, Drakino Park, and the Pegas equestrian club. Some of the district officials are prosecuted for fraud and abuse of official powers.

Earlier it was reported that security officers had conducted searches in the Serpukhov district administration seizing documents reflecting the past 10 years of work.



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