FPS representatives call Ingush activist beaten in jail an accident

FPS representatives call Ingush activist beaten in jail an accident
Bagaudin Myakiev

Bagaudin Myakiev assures that he was beaten and constantly subjected to psychological pressure, including putting him in a punishment cell.

Representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Kabardino-Balkaria commented on injuries, which Bagaudin Myakiev, a member of the Ingush Council of teips of Ingushetia, received in the detention center. According to their version, he was not beaten in the jail, but was injured while dismantling the toilet partition in the cell. Myakiev, in addition to his injuries, complained to his lawyer about the psychological pressure which is put on him in the jail.

On July 18, a lawyer Fatima Urusova told that in Nalchik jail a member of the Council of teips of the Ingush people, Bagaudin Miakiyev, was beaten.

“There are traces of beatings on the face. We don’t know the reasons for the beating,” the lawyer summed up. At the same time, other prisoners announced a hunger strike in solidarity with Miakiev. But after the employees of the prosecutor’s office visited the penitentiary institution, the hunger strike stopped abruptly. Lawyer Fatima Urusova clarified that the prisoners stopped the hunger strike after the promise of the leadership to check the circumstances of the beating of Myakiyev.

Miakiev and other arrested Ingush activists demand that they should be transferred to the Ingush jail, said member of the POC, Auyes Birmamitov. He also said that Myakiev was twice placed in a punishment cell. The guards claim that he deliberately closed the visibility of the surveillance camera and received an appropriate punishment for that.

 “In the punishment cell, he broke everything that could be broken. Today we spoke very seriously with him,” said one of the prison staff on July 19.

“There was no physical impact on the accused Bagaudin Miakiev, information about the alleged beatings did not find any objective confirmation,” said an officer of the Federal Penitentiary Service in Kabardino-Balkaria.

The administration of the jail, showing a video from the punishment cell of Bagaudin Miakiev, assures that the injuries on the face were caused by Bagaudin through carelessness during the disassembly of the partition in the toilet. Bagaudin did not deny that he was dismantling the partition, but he was absolutely not injured, and they were received after that, during the beating.

It should be noted that the moment of parsing the fence is not fixed on the video, there are only frames where the lattice is no longer in its proper place.

The arrests of the member of the Council of teips and other activists are connected with the protest action, which the residents of Ingushetia on March 26 initiated without the permission of the authorities. It took place on the square in Magas, this led to clashes with the security forces. And already in April, searches of homes began in the region, and then the arrests of oppositionists. According to Kavkazsky Uzel, at least 96 activists were detained in Ingushetia, 29 criminal cases were initiated against them.



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