Four persons involved in “Moscow case” taken into custody

Four persons involved in “Moscow case” taken into custody

The protesters were accused of violence against government officials.

Moscow’s Basmanny District Court took four persons involved in the “Moscow case” into custody until December 14, Rain reports. The defendants are Andrey Barshai, 21, Yegor Lesny, 34, Maxim Martintsov, and Vladimir Emelyanov, both 27. Each defendant was accused of using violence against government officials (part 1 of Article 318 CCRF) during the protests rallies on July 27 and August 10.

The defendants were detained on October 14. The investigation asked to place another participant in the rallies, Alexander Mylnikov, under house arrest.

The “Moscow case” has emerged from a criminal case involving participation in a riot, in which many people were released. The protests are related to the refusal of the election commissions to register a number of independent candidates for elections to the Moscow City Duma.



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