Founder of Shaltay-Boltay pleads guilty, denies connection with arrested FSB officers 

Founder of Shaltay-Boltay pleads guilty, denies connection with arrested FSB officers
Vladimir Anikeev

Journalist Vladimir Anikeev, known as the creator of the hacker group Anonymous International and the website Shaltay-Boltay, have pleaded guilty to unauthorized access to computer information.

This was reported by Anikeev's lawyer Ruslan Koblev in an interview with At the same time, Anikeev, who has confirmed he is the one called Lewis, denies acquaintance with the employees of the FSB Information Security Center, Colonel Sergey Mikhailov and Major Dmitry Dokuchaev, who have been arrested on suspicion of treason.

Koblev told the news agency that he has recently visited Anikeev in the investigation cell. According to the lawyer, Lewis is charged only with part 3 of Article 272 (Illegal Access to Computer Information), however, the investigation has yet to establish the circumstances of the crime.

Anikeev himself strongly denies the scheme of sensitive information 'leakage', previously described by the media.

The lawyer also stressed Lewis's words that those FSB officers and Kaspersky Lab employee arrested for treason have nothing to do with this case.

Let us recall that, as previously reported, it was Anikeev, detained during a special operation in St. Petersburg, who testified against the senior officers of the FSB Information Security Center. To detain Lewis, security officers had lured him from Ukraine, where he had been residing in recent years.


Konstantin Teplyakov

According to the information distributed earlier, Colonel Mikhailov used to personally supervise the hacker group, which he had tracked at the beginning of 2016, and even supply them with leaked information. However, February 1, lawyer Ivan Pavlov denied the connection between Shaltay-Boltay and Mikhailov and Dokuchaev, arrested for treason, stating that the investigation into his client's case has nothing to do with the detention of Anikeeva and other participants of the Anonymous International – Konstantin Teplyakov (Martovsky Zayats 'March Hare') and Aleksandr Filinov (Shlyapnik 'Mad Hatter'). According to a source in law enforcement agencies, the FSB got onto them through Anikeev's hacked phone.


Irina Shevchenko

In addition, Ukrainian citizen Irina Shevchenko (Alice) has also been declared wanted as part of the Shaltay-Boltay criminal case. She used to work on the immediate mining of compromising information, spending time with a laptop in cafes and restaurants of Moscow, as well as encashment of cryptocurrency obtained for leaks. There was special ware installed on Alice's computer, which created fake-Wi-Fi spots. She used it to download personal information from the mobile devices of the cafe visitors sitting next to her.



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