Former Smolensk Region senator receives suspended sentence for swindling

Former Smolensk Region senator receives suspended sentence for swindling
Anatoly Mishnev

In addition, the former politician will pay a fine of 300 thousand rubles (~5.200 USD).

On March 20, former senator from the Smolensk Region Anatoly Mishnev was found guilty of swindling under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code. The Promyshlenny Court of Smolensk ruled on a suspended sentence of four years and three months and ordered the convict to pay a fine of 300 thousand rubles.

Anatoly Mishnev, who at that time led the Smolensk territorial office of the federal service of state statistics, was detained on December 5, 2017 by the FSB officers. However, on December 12, Anatoly Mishnev was released from the detention facility on bail.

The official was suspected of mediation between the judges of the Smolensk regional court, Vladimir Voitenko and his deputy Anatoly Petrovsky, and the family of Timur Kucher, the former administrator of the Smolensk branch of Rosselkhozbank, also convicted of swindling. It was about issuing non-performing loans for more than 360 million rubles (~6.235.000 USD). The banker was sentenced to seven years and a fine of 700 thousand rubles (~12.000 USD).

After that, the defense of Timur Kucher appealed to the Smolensk Regional Court. The appeal decision of the regional court almost halved the accused banker’s sentence: up to three years and three months of imprisonment with a fine of 300 thousand rubles. The Prosecutor's Office did not agree with this decision and filed a cassation appeal, by which managed to quash the decision to mitigate the banker’s punishment.

Later, the Chairman of the Smolensk Regional Court, Voitenko, and his deputy Petrovsky resigned.

It is to be noted that Anatoly Mishnev is one of the old-timers of Smolensk politics. Since 2006, he headed the Smolensk Regional Duma of two convocations. From November 2012 to September 2015, he represented the Smolensk Region in the Federation Council.



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