Russia's former servicemen get unlimited access to Kaspersky Lab clients' computers

Russia's former servicemen get unlimited access to Kaspersky Lab clients' computers
Eugene Kaspersky

From now on, Russian law enforcement agencies have an opportunity to download any files from the computers, on which the system is installed.⁠

A former employee of Kaspersky Lab tells that now the situation in the company is actually controlled by Russian law enforcement agencies. In particular, former law enforcement officers have full access to the cloud system of Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) having opportunity to download any files from computers on which it is installed. The ex-employee of the company tells about it on condition of anonymity in a conversation with Meduza.

According to the source, changes in the company have started in 2011. Then there were three administrative ‘clans’ in Kaspersky Lab. The first – ‘technicians’ headed by technical director of the company and actual chief developer of the antivirus Nikolay Grebennikov. The second ‘clan’ was group of foreign investors who promoted the Lab in the West. Former security officers entered the third. For example, former officer of KGB (Committee for State Security in the USSR, now FSB) Igor Chekunov who was responsible for safety and legal issues in the company.

After the son of the company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky was kidnapped, influence of Chekunov’s group has considerably amplified. According to some information, he coordinated release of the young man. At the same time, according to the Meduza’s source, mother of the kidnapped Natalya Kasperskaya considered that the former officer of KGB organized this kidnapping by himself.

Nevertheless, in November, 2011 Kaspersky Lab started cooperating with the Federal Guards Service, while Kaspersky dismissed most of foreign top managers and forced out the American investors. Besides Chekunov, the ‘power clan’ included executive director of the company Andrey Tikhonov and head of security service Alexey Kuzyaev. It is claimed that since 2012, department of investigation of computer incidents created for cooperation with the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs operates in the company.

The group of technicians led by Grebennikov could still resist the ‘power’ group till 2014, without allowing them to the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) system. However, later as a result of another conflict Grebennikov was dismissed and Chekunov's people received total control over the situation.

To recall, in October, 2017 a number of the American media - The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal reported that Kaspersky Lab has access to classified documents of the US National Security Agency. The American intelligence agencies got this data from the Israeli intelligence. According to their information, the antivirus was designed to look for the secret files. It became known later that leakage of the classified information has happened from the personnel computer of an employee of the NSA, on which the antivirus was installed. In reply analysts of Kaspersky Lab, it was reported that they had downloaded the confidential file, but did it “inadvertently”.



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