Former prisoner gets up to speed on terrible tortures in Omsk colony

Former prisoner gets up to speed on terrible tortures in Omsk colony

Now Dmitry undergoes treatment in St. Petersburg hospital.

A former prisoner of Omsk colony IK-7 speaks about the terrible mockeries to which he and his cellmates were subjected in Siberia. The story of Dmitry K, who is now unable to walk and undergoes treatment in a hospital in St. Petersburg, was published by journalist Maria Eismont on Echo of Moscow website.

Dmitry was transferred to IK-7 in the fall of 2015 as part of a group of 11 prisoners. Before that, they all complained about the conditions in another colony - IK-10. They were asked to take aside applications, but they refused. After three weeks in the IK-7, all the applicants withdrew their complaints and were returned to their old colony.

According to Dmitry, the prisoners were placed in a special ward, which they called a "cutoff." One by one, they were tortured.

"And when the two of us remained in the cutoff, this Vasya (a member of the regime department - editor's note) came and put a bucket in our hands and said: "Come on!" He meant that we had to do the deed. And then, he said that "others shitify everything." And the second one sat down on the bucket, and I was double flatted," says Dmitry K.

He was beaten on the spine with the knee, his fingers were broken off, and officers lashed the heels with sticks. Then they connected the current to his genitals.

"I shouted "Lord, help!" One of them said: "It's silly to shout!", and the other, on the contrary, asked: "Scream louder!" says Dmitry. He adds that many of the prisoners soil themselves out of pain.

Then everyone was taken to the cell and hung up by one arm to the grate so that it was possible to stand on tiptoe. The prisoners were naked, and they tried to cuddle up to each other to keep warm. "When they saw that we were trying to communicate, we were beaten with batons. We hung for almost a day..." Dmitry reports.

After the torture, a prosecutor came to Dmitry, and they filed a refusal to the complaint of IK-10 detention. "He genuinely was interested, how they covered our bruises. And then I found out that this salve’s date expired," says the former prisoner.

Novaya Gazeta penned about the cruel torture in Omsk IK-7 in May this year. The publication resulted in the story of Ruslan Suleymanov, who was beaten, and then threatened with rape if he did not cock-a-doodle-doo.



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