Former official offered the beaten at Arbat Street girl 10 thousands dollars to hush up the matter 

Former official offered the beaten at Arbat Street girl 10 thousands dollars to hush up the matter
Erast Matayev

Erast Matayev tried to bribe the victim and after her refusal made public apology. However, the defendant does not admit himself guilty in the beating and willful damage. The case is going to be transferred to court.

A new turn in the case of former official Erast Matayev, who have beaten a girl at Arbat Street. The victim was trying to film Matayev’s car, when its driver was violating regulations, while driving at pedestrian area of the street. Injured Evgenia Khrapova told that after the incident Matayev tried to bribe her by offering to settle the issue peacefully for 10 thousands dollars. The girl refused.

Chairman of the commission on safety of the Public Chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov told that on June 30 at 8 p.m. he received an official address of Matayev. He wrote that he “wanted to make his deepest apologies to Khrapova Evgenia Sergeyevna for the public insults incurred to her and to compensate material and non-pecuniary damage caused by his actions in full. I sincerely regret my deeds and sorry about the event”. However, Tsvetkov emphasizes that Matayev still has not apologized for beating and damaging another person’s property.

Евгения Храпова

“This case will go to the court any way and the judge will pass the decision, taking into account – whether she did accept the apologies or not,” – added Tsvetkov. However, despite the incompleteness of the apologies, the chairman called it “a first reasonable step” of Matayev.

Lawyer of the victim Stalina Gurevich emphasized that the case is a crime and not an administrative violation or domestic dispute. The defender believes that new criminal case may be initiated in future under art. 116 para. 2 (b) (“battery or other violent acts causing physical pain, caused by political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatered or hostility, or caused by any hatered or hostility concerning any social group”).

These conclusions Gurevich made basing on the fact that Matayev constantly opposes to civil society, ignoring traffic regulations and laws of the country. The defendant had already violated traffic regulations earlier (in particular, eyewitnesses claim that he was driving on oncoming lane of Kutuzovsky Avenue) and was often rude to other automobilists.

The defense believes that “all this can demonstrate his opposition to a whole layer of society – to a middle class”. The lawyer intends to ask the investigation to organize a check on the matter. Besides, in her statement Gurevich emphasized that the apologizes should be made to the whole society, not only to her client. Earlier the victim declared that she did not want Matayev to “associate himself with authorities” in future.

Evgenia Khrapova was filming on her cellphone camera a car, which was trying to turn over on a street overflowed with people when a blow fell upon her from the back - Matayev snatched out the phone from her hands and broke it against the wall. According to the injured, after breaking the phone, former official turned over to her and kicked her in her waist with his leg. Khrapova, who did not expect such thing, fell, flowing away on several meters, and started to shout for help. The defendant decided to “finish” his victim by grabbing her hair and kicking her once more in her elbow with his leg. “This man attacked me from my back, I am extremely revolted by this fact,” – said the girl.

It should be recalled that former adviser of deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov, Erast Matayev, was accused of the deliberate destruction of damage of property, which have caused harsh consequences – art. 167 para. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Matayev can get up to five years of imprisonment. Earlier, the defendant claimed that he had made his apologies to Khrapova earlier and explained his behavior by “emotions, summer and heat”.


Video: video from the broken cellphone of the girl



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