Former MIA officer connected to Shakro Molodoy case under home arrest

Former MIA officer connected to Shakro Molodoy case under home arrest
Policemen watching shootout in Rochdelskaya Street

The court believed the readout of the polygraph, which concluded that Evgeny Surzhikov was not familiar with the defendants in the extortion case.

Former employee of the MIA Main Department for Combatting Organized Crime Colonel Evgeny Surzhikov, who was in Rochdelskaya Street at the time of the shootout, was transferred from custody to home detention. Lawyer of ex-policeman Maria Lukyanyuk told Interfax about this.

According to the decision of Tverskoy court, Surzhikov, arrested in June 2016, will now be under house arrest until June, 15.

It is worth noting that the judge decided to mitigate the measure of restraint for the defendant of the extortion case after Surzhikov's testimony was verified on a polygraph. It was concluded that the suspect is not familiar neither with the people of Shakro Molodoy nor with former KGB officer Eduard Budantsev. The lie detector also showed that Surzhikov did not know about the reasons for the meeting of these people in Elements restaurant.

Earlier, Surzhikov himself noted in the court that his presence at the shooting site was a coincidence. The ex-policeman allegedly came to the restaurant for an interview to get a job as a security guard. Sources of RIA Novosti reported that the retired colonel did not really take part in the shoot-out in Rochdelskaya Street on the side of the Shakro Molodoy’s private security company (PSC), but stood aside, supposedly because he was familiar with the other side of the conflict – ex-KGB officer Eduard Budantsev. The investigation believes that Surzhikov, acting as a senior employee of Kalashov’s PSC, was directly involved in the events of December 14, 2015.

Near Elements restaurant in Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow a conflict broke out between representatives of the owner of the restaurant Zhanna Kim and employees of the PSC controlled by Kalashov led by authority Andrey Kochuykov (Italyanets). They demanded 8 million rubles ($134 thousand), which Kim supposedly owed to Shakro Molodoy’s woman friend – Fatima Misikova – for the designer's works completed in the restaurant. Kim attracted ex-security officials led by former KGB officer of the USSR and former commander of the Russian Special Police Force Eduard Budantsev (after his dismissal from the bodies he started collector services).

The story of the shootout at the restaurant, where two people were killed, turned into a criminal prosecution of thief in law Shakro Molodoy and high-ranking officers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, who, according to investigators, received a bribe from the bandits. In addition, there were suspicions that these employees repeatedly covered Kalashov. They appeared as a result of ongoing audits of many resonant cases, to which Head of the Main Department for Interdepartmental Cooperation and Security Mikhail Maximenko, his deputy Alexander Lamonov and First Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow Denis Nikandrov put their hand.



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